Mommy’s tired 

Every mom I know, is tired. Soooo fucking tired. I haven’t had a night off in 406 days and counting.  I’m sorry to all the people who don’t have kids that get offended when we glare at them when they whine about being tired… cause it’s not the same, no matter how you put it. Most single, childless people, are tired because of THEIR OWN CHOICE. Be it work, love life, social life, hobbies, (unless they suffer from mental illness but even then they have chances to get at least some rest) I remember those days, and sure I was tired, or at least I thought I was…

Moms… full time moms… we’re on the brink of insanity. If not already over the edge. We run on minimal sleep, I’m talking like sleep deprivation at Guantanamo Bay, (have you ever had a colicky baby?) been held from sleep against your will? That’s what having children is like. Moms plan EVERYTHING for the household : meals, chores, stock inventory, taxi kids to school and back, taxi them to extracurricular activities and back, keep the animals alive, keep the kids from hurting themselves (which for me seems to be a daily chore) and no I don’t mean they’re suicidal at all, I mean they’re kids, 14 months and 7yrs old, they don’t think of consequences they just act, especially the toddler, who daily tries to dive head first off the couch. And every time I catch her and I feel my heart rate soar through the roof. 

Somewhere, in among the mess you’re supposed to look after yourself. When really my idea of looking after myself is sitting by myself outside in abject silence for an hour and then coming inside, stuffing my face with peanut butter on toast and watching Greys Anatomy while drinking a cup of tea, by myself. (Sometimes when I have the energy I make it to the gym before doing the above, but if I’m exhausted, well hell thats my night.)

(Notice how many times i said “by myself” lol)

What should I be doing? Moisturizing, saving for school, planning things for our future, probably some yoga and meditation, but I just don’t have it in me to give that much back to myself or the world yet. I wish I did. I’ll get into why that’s an issue for me in my next post.

Anyway, my point is, when u think a stay at home mom does nothing all day, you’re wrong. And we’re tired. We don’t have a boss we can call and say we don’t feel well we’re not coming in. We can’t really have someone cover for us (it’ll work for a few hours but then they always want mommy back). We’re on call 24/7,we don’t sleep in, we don’t get holidays, and we don’t get any job incentives except the beauty of watching our children grow, which granted is an inexplicable experience that I am so honoured for! But sometimes I wish this job had Christmas parties, co workers, bonuses, I know at the end of the day my sacrifice is what is best for my children, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I can’t wait until the baby is old enough for school and mommy can start to have herself back again.

And ya I’m an asshole for saying that 

And I’m a mom for saying that ^^^

(Why do we feel guilty the second we think about what we want!? Lol. #momproblems) 

Edit: from my Facebook post comment: “And to the moms who do go to work full time, u ladies r soldiers, especially the ones with the little ones. In my next post I’ll explain why I’m not quite ready to join back to the work force, but u ladies are amazing, and deserve an extra large latte delivered to ur office daily, with flowers”

Well done ladies, well done 

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Mommy’s fabulous morning off 

When you’re a full time mom, there isn’t much time you get to yourself. You go days without washing your hair, forget to moisturize, forget to eat, needless to say you start to put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. So when my stylist messaged me saying he had an opening at The Cutting Room Floor I was all for it. I made sure my man could watch the kids and I raced out the door to downtown to get my hair done. I met Jason at his new salon and I loved it there! It’s a quaint location in Kensington close to Chicken on the way and next door to Bombay Beauty Loft. 

-Let me tell you a bit about Jason. He recently returned from Shanghai, China, where he was invited to be a featured stylist at the International Hair Fair. He competed in the extension contest and came 16th out of 160 participants. He was named an “upcoming force in the hair industry.”

Considering I only have limited time away from the baby we got right to styling my hair. My roots had grown out quite a bit, but all in all there wasn’t much damage considering my hair is in a mom bun 24/7 now lol. 

He used these products to wash and style my hair 

I can’t rave on enough about how amazing my hair felt after these treatments. The Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel soft and sooooo lightweight! (My hair is heavy as hell so that’s a HUGE bonus to me) it shined and was super easy to style. Everyone has been complimenting my colour, it’s absolutely flawless.

Make your appointment at the Cutting Room Floor with Jason Mellor and get great hair today! You deserve it!!!!! 

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I am Mommy, hear me roar!

I’m back bitches!!!!! Finally, after a year of having no voice, nothing to say, here I am. Overflowing with things I’d like to share with you. 

I feel like I’ve been held captive by a smaller version of myself for an entire year, and while I’m technically still her captive and will more than likely remain her slave until she’s… what  35?,  it seems I’ve found my voice again. So thank you for waiting while I wade in a sea of baby shit, tears, screams, baby food thrown at me, cleaning up puke, ya, whoever tells you having children is fun has a fucking nanny or is on Valium or something let’s just get that straight. Kids are a blessing, they’re the most precious thing in the world, but they’re also fucking exhausting. 

When you become a mom you look in the mirror and often see a stranger. You wake up one morning it’s like u got a handful of wrinkles from no where, your skin is dull, your hair is greasy and tangled, And that’s more than likely cause you’re so busy taking care of mini you that you completely forget personal upkeep, probably haven’t washed your hair for a week, when was the last time you had a facial? ( a what now?)


So I’m gonna look at anti aging products and procedures in depth and see what works best 🙂  I’ll keep you informed on the latest beauty tips and tricks. I’ll discuss fitness and health, also try and help all you busy folks (moms and non moms) on how to make it in this insane economy, including excellent home cooking from home on dime 🙂 and let’s not forget fashion and the good old world controversy’s I see happening everywhere, I’m not gonna lie world, parts of you are really starting to piss me off. And we’re gonna hear all about it shortly! 

Anyway, this sassy mom is back and ready to hit up Calgary with a whole new perspective, that from not just a model, not just a person who suffers mental illness, but also from that of a mom, someone who has given life and works to sustain that and others in the home 🙂 
I missed you guys, let’s do this

Hair by Alice and Lisa from Hair Booth

Makeup by Mariam Akbar

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I’m sick of this shit 

Welcome to 2017. The height of the liberal movements. Where everyone has rights and everyone has a voice. Thanks to social media, I’ve found my voice becoming more and more quiet.


Because I’m white, so my opinion is biased, and apparently I’m entitled… (white privilege??? I wish that had stopped all those years of bullying, I wish that had kept the dog from tearing my face apart, I wish it had kept my brain from developing ptsd, but yet this privilege for me was nothing but a stereotype) 

Because I’m a model, so apparently I have no empathy for other body types, so I’m just another skinny bitch (many in my family battle weight issues, and I just had a baby. But by all means, give me dirty looks and call me a skinny bitch cause obviously I have no idea how to lose weight…) 

Because I’m open, I share my heart on my sleeve, but you only seek to destroy it. 

We’ve given everyone a voice, but have you read the comment sections on social media posts? They are ripe with offences. Hate, fear, negativity, but who polices that? Who stops the hate until it’s too late? How many more sensitive young souls are going to be destroyed by some cowards rants behind a screen?

How do we make sure we actually have rights for all? 

Why is it ok for someone of another race to call me a honky or white trash? Does anyone ever care to ask someone who looks white what their nationality truly is? I’m half Mediterranean, Maltese people have dark hair, olive skin and dark eyes, but yet, u still ignorantly call me white. 

I’m straight, but if u don’t know me then suddenly I’m a homophobe…. some of my best friends are gay, but you wouldn’t know that when all you do is spit hate from your sad soul….
What I’m saying is we opened Pandora’s box when we started Facebook, twitter, instagram, social media in general. The world has gone mad with variety and overstimulation. It’s rights for all yet rights for none. If u don’t stand out, have different colour skin or identify with a different sexuality you’re basically a racist, old school asshole and your opinion isn’t welcome. 

I encourage everyone to share their opinions on posts, what I would like to see is an end to this trolling. People looking to start fights or say something negative about other people’s opinions. I’m sick of the “debate”. Make your own comment. Don’t reply and start wars. Make your comment and walk away. You don’t know what others are going through. You’re not god, so don’t judge. 

I can tell you all where to put your opinionated debates, and it coincides with what u sit on…
If you don’t get what im saying here:

I’m “white”. I’m thin. I’m a model. I’m straight.

I’m actually mix race, I’ve lost 50lbs one time and 30lbs recently, I tried for years to be a model but got turned down for the other unique girls (White girls get the lowest pool when it comes to modelling, they’re done with Barbie they want unique) so when I did succeed it certainly had nothing to do with privilege. I’m straight, but many of my friends are gay, trans, bi, and I love them all to pieces. My friends are a rainbow of colours. 

But to me they are simply people. I’m not bothered by what you identify as at all, just be a good person and I will too in return. I want equal rights for all. Straight up equality. I’m done with this one gets this and this one gets that. 



And if ur filled with hate don’t spew it in the comment section, go see a fucking counsellor or try yoga.

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Saying goodbye to my best friend

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5 Ways to get rid of a cold/flu

Freddy facts of the week:

So you either didn’t see the post last week, or you just happened to fall victim to the current cold/flu buzzing around your home/school/workplace.Either way, here’s what you can do to get rid of it more efficiently so you can be back to your normal self in no time.

  1.  Rest: I can’t stress enough to get as much sleep as possible. If you’re off work, sleep longer and nap when possible. If you have to continue working, minimize other activities to ensure you receive the proper sleep you need to fight off this bacteria/virus.
  2.  Drink up: All that coughing and sneezing, (and if its the flu,any fluid emission from either end) makes you very dehydrated, make sure you ingest enough water to keep your system afloat
  3. Install a humidifier: Viruses and Bacteria thrive in dry, arid environments, by utilizing a cool air humidifier you can combat the virus in the air. You definitely want it running when you go to bed.  These handy little fellas can be purchased at any major supply store (walmart, superstore, ikea)
  4. Take vitamin C: right now vitamin c is the best friend your immune system can have. Try and get your daily intake either by consuming fruits and vegetables or by taking a supplement.
  5. Take hot showers: the steam from your shower will help break up the phlegm in your chest and nose. Try to breathe as deeply as possible to help clear those airways.

Hopefully this helps you beat that nasty cold/flu, it works for me!

Good luck my darlings! Get better soon!


Photo by Randy Porter

To check out Freddy’s latest lines of amazing fashion click here for Canada, and here for USA



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5 Ways to prevent catching colds/flu

Freddy facts of the week: 

It happens every year, and it’s not always in winter. No I’m not talking about snow (although sometimes in Canada that’s true!) I’m talking about colds and the flu. Chances are we’ve all come in contact with a customer, coworker, loved one who shows symptoms of something amiss. Here’s what to do when you see this happen around you:

1. Disinfect all surfaces and materials 

Cold and flu viruses can live on hard surfaces up to 16hrs and fabric up to 12hrs. It is important to wash clothing, bed linens, and sanitize surfaces with a sterilizing product such as: lysol, windex, bleach, vinegar. 

2. Don’t touch your face

If someone coughs on you, don’t fret, unless they coughed or sneezed directly into your eyes, nose or mouth, there’s little to no risk of contagion. However, if your hands touch mucus anywhere and then you scratch your eye, itch your nose, or wipe your lips, the virus or bacteria can travel in the mucus membrane, thus rendering you potentially ill especially if you don’t already have the antibodies for this particular pathogen. 

3. Avoid close contact with infected persons

Often times viruses will spread through households due to one person being sick and the rest catching it. If the person is your partner, avoid close contact. If it’s your child contact is probably necessary, just make sure you sanitize everything they touch and try to keep your face out of the sneezes and coughs if you can. 

4. Get your vitamins 

Lacking nutrition can lower your immune system making it much harder to fight the bacterial war that can be waged against us. If you don’t eat a balanced diet then at least consume a multivitamin daily. 

5. Remain hydrated

There’s never an end to the benefits of water. In this case, your immune system is essentially in your blood. White blood cells are responsible for identifying, then tackling viruses and bacteria, and afterward cataloging their appearance along with an arsenal of antibodies  to ensure we don’t get sick from that one again. Blood needs water to transport itself efficiently throughout the system and ensure our immune response isn’t delayed. So drink up!

Here’s hoping you can all avoid that dreadful cold onset. 

Photo by Andras Schram

Hair and makeup by Tara Smith

Pants by Freddy Canada (available also at Freddy USA)

Shirt by Apt 22

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