Scar Sisters

Since the rottweiler attack in 2009 I have questioned many aspects of life. In amongst my pursuit of the truth, I discovered the closer I came, the more alone I felt. But no one tells you at the centre of the storm is in fact the calm, the sense, the knowledge that all of this came to be by forces beyond our control. The universe is an ominous power who makes her presence known at times such as this.

Over the years since my injury, people have sympathized, but i can honestly say no one really understood what i felt or had been through… until today.

Today I met a beautiful young woman, with gorgeous bright eyes and a striking smile. When she turned to show her right side, I saw the scar on her face. It was misshapen, I couldn’t deny the similarities between mine and hers. I built up the guts to ask her how she got her “love tap” on the face, and like water rolling off a beavers back she said nonchalantly, with a hint of pain, ” Oh, I was attacked by a rottweiler when I was 2,”

Instantly I teared up.

Here was a stunning young woman, around the same age as myself, with a scar on the lower right side of her face like mine. She illuminated light and radiance.

For the first time I knew someone knew how I feel sometimes. For the first time I found someone else who understands how i cringe when someone says the word/name “SCARFACE” For the first time in almost my whole life, I didn’t feel alone. She TRULY understands what I’ve been through.

Why did it take me this long to meet her? Or was this all cause and effect of a series of trials and tribulations in which I must pass in order to be rewarded with insight and awareness? Either way, Thanks Universe, I needed this one.DSC_4450 (1)

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