Irresponsible Society

Is it just me, or is society flouting responsibility at every chance it gets?

How many times have you heard someone say “drugs ruined my life?”

Guess what, drugs didn’t ruin your life, YOU DID.

It was your CHOICE to become an addict. It was your CHOICE to hurt all the people who love you because you were too selfish to care about anyone but yourself. It was your CHOICE to give up on everything you are.

The reason I’m so judging about this?

I was an addict, and I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for my actions. I wanted the drugs, I wanted to forget everything bad that had happened; unfortunately, street drugs don’t come with a guarantee, and my efforts to drown my past were futile, I remembered everything. I stole from my family, I ruined my teenage years, I messed with my brain chemistry so that now I have to take antidepressants.


Not drugs, not society, ME.

The sooner you can all own up to your decisions the sooner we can move on. But stop blaming inanimate objects for your failures, and look in a mirror, you know the responsibility lies with you.Image

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