Pathetic lack of empathy

Today, I witnessed yet another atrocity. Someone I know, not well, but enough to respect his position, was purposely rude, sarcastic, and downright cruel to a innocently sweet and aspirational young man. Granted the young man did not seem to possess the qualities necessary for the job at hand, but nonetheless the treatment this man received was appalling. He seemed shy, yet knowledgeable, and there was a clear language barrier that he was making an amazing effort at working around. He was eager, on time, and even remembered the man’s name. But the man I knew didn’t care, instead of giving the man a simple “sorry man, you’re just not quite what we’re looking for,” he dismissed him like he would’ve someone who wasn’t “cool” enough to play with him and his friends.

While watching I stood mouth gaping, eyes welling with water. I have never stood aside while someone bullied someone, but for the first time ever my job relied on it.

As he walked away, sullen, confused, defeated, he looked back, and even then he still had a look of hope and want, it was this look like made me turn around immediately to hide the tears hitting my cheeks.

I feel weak that I couldnt speak up, and I pray that young man finds himself a good job.

After I had my car loaded I drove the way the man had walked, but he must’ve caught the bus somewhere.

Am I the only person who literally feels for what others feel? Does anyone else feel pain for people? Am I the only person who feels pained when they say on the news a child has died from unnatural causes, accident, murder? We are all someone’s brothers, sisters, cousins, I know of all people how hard it is to trust someone, but please for the love of god if someone comes to you with arms wide open asking for help, if you can’t help them don’t shoot them down, but maybe have a 5 minute conversation with them and help them see what perhaps they didnt even know. It’s hard being in a new place, getting a new job. Help your fellow man, pay it forward, our society has dropped too many doors in too many innocent, confused faces…

Let’s all start holding some of those doors open, the world might not seem so small. Have faith, its your lack of faith in man that’s creating this cynical arrogance.

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