Haters will hate

I see posts everywhere poking fun at this celebrity or that celebrity for being overweight or having blotchy skin.

News flash. Celebrities, models, actors, we have a brilliant tool called airbrushing. We are creating for you a fantasy! Key word … fantasy!!! Stop trying to achieve this image of perfection as you will surely fail.

As for those of you sitting on your fat asses trolling new talent’s pages and leaving derogatory comments, I dare you to post a nude photo of yourself in all your glory. If you feel the need to pass shame on others then show us you have no shame. Prove to us your perfection is so divine that you may pass judgement on others.

To the victims of the jealous insults, they will always happen, I’ve had them since I was 6 and 22yrs later they’re growing exponentially. The difference? I’m learning to not react to them, rather, smile at them for their clear lack of confidence. And hold your head up high, if you’ve got haters, you’ve got something people want. You’re doing something right, don’t let them stop you.

Much love xoxo

DSC_4252_ppbw (2)

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