Misguided Generosity

One of my friends is on facebook telling people to help sponsor kids in foreign countries right now??? I am ALL for helping everyone everywhere… but… have you seen CALGARY, HIGH RIVER, or BRAGG CREEK recently????

Don’t you think your own neighbours need your help just a bit more than some ORGANIZATION that only gives a percentage of the proceeds to the young child you’re supposedly helping in a foreign country?

How would you feel if you lost EVERYTHING and someone you knew said “oh i’m sorry I can’t help with relief efforts I send all my money to Africa.”

Of all the days to spout your religious need to make the world better, you chose Canada Day? Your countrymen are crying for help! People are devastated, and yet, you want to help Africa? It’s CANADA DAY for christ’s sake! HELP THY NEIGHBOUR! You’re a churchy person aren’t you? Or at least you claim to be.

We can’t very well welcome refugees to our country when areas of it are destroyed. Come on now, I’m not saying don’t support other countries by all means please do, there are people there who suffer all the time. But right now your neighbours need you, so maybe help them first and then you can return to your international humanitarian efforts?

All I’m asking for is common sense, is that too much to ask?Image

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