No no on go go

So, after careful thought and consideration, I have decided to decline the opportunity to be a go go girl.

Granted I would’ve made $22/hr plus tips, plus $50 for a short booking notice.

The problem I discovered…

I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I love and trust with all my heart. It’s one thing to model, you have a good distance between yourself and the photographer and at no point in time are you ever trying to turn him on.
When dancing you’re trying to catch people’s eye, so you’re shaking your stuff for whoever can look πŸ™‚

And for my young girls, single girls, that’s all good! I’m almost 30 though and in a pretty serious relationship, out of respect not only for my man but also for myself, I politely declined the offer.

I have 2 paid shoots on the way, a Joseph ribkoff fashion show, who knows what’s next.

One door closes… Another shall open shortly πŸ™‚


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4 Responses to No no on go go

  1. Charles Huss says:

    You should never do what feels wrong, no matter what the money. Good call.


  2. Brent says:

    that’s right, there are more things to life than money.. like……
    (give me a minute…)
    ok, forget that… then, life is all about choices, and as you mentioned, one door closes, another will open.


    • Hahahaha ha no kidding! And it did! I have an interview for a c
      Lingerie store that would have me model too! Exciting! Hopefully I get it πŸ™‚ I’d prefer a quality opportunity that will keep me happy over crossing my own boundaries πŸ™‚


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