How Lucky You Are

We all want what we can’t have.

Some people wish they had their dream job. Some people wish they were models. Some people wish they were anywhere but here…

Do you know what I wish for? It’s something I bet you already have 😉

I wish that one day, when my body sorts its shit out (PCOS) and I’m financially stable, I will be blessed enough to have a child of my own.

So many people sit at home, reading drivel, watching day time television, just to get some time “away” from their children. If you ask my mother if she could’ve raised us personally instead of HAVING to use daycare, she would’ve raised us herself in a heartbeat.

And I would too.

Why watch TV when your child could come up with something genius? Or just funny? Children are the best form of reality television, turn off the TV and watch!

I love children. Anyone who has one or is about to have one you are so blessed. Not only do you have a walking, talking, carbon copy of yourself and your chosen partner, but you have created something completely UNIQUE. No two children are alike, not even identical twins (and I know a few of those too!)

To reproduce is the one thing we are supposed to do as humans, everything else after that is a bonus.

Cherish your offspring, and if you have beautiful, well behaved offspring, please make more! The world needs more of your children, They are the future.

and because I dont have my own yet… this was me…


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11 Responses to How Lucky You Are

  1. Charles Huss says:

    Not everyone feels the same about children but for me, having a child was the best and most important thing I ever did or will ever do in my life.


  2. chappysue says:

    funny cause i think about this all the time.


      • chappysue says:

        yes i just hope that when the time finally does come i am blessed. is there a particular reason why you dont have any yet?


      • Yes, I have PCOS and am not ready to start fertility treatments 😦 you?


      • chappysue says:

        im jut not ready yet, but i always wonder if i even can, just a feeling ive had my whole life.


      • That’s exactly how I felt! I didn’t even know til I was 23 and was kicked in the kidney (long story)

        I had a CT scan at the hospital in England, the doc came in and said “we might have to take the left kidney… And how often have you missed your period?” My mother and I looked stunned as she knew the issued of had (missed for 6-10months at a time, bled for 3months straight, pain, abnormal hair growth, hormonal imbalance) and then he put the image on the light screen of my ovaries, they’re covered in cysts both inside and outside 😦


      • chappysue says:

        and im sorry to hear that. i hope everything turns out great for you


      • Thanks 🙂 good to know I’m not alone and there are lots of methods, at least I have eggs I could always do IVF even though its expensive. Best of luck to you as well!


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