OITNB- Episode 2 recap

I would like to start by saying this is the first cast and crew that I have found to be such true, real people. I connect with them on twitter on a regular basis! How cool is that! Such amazing people behind such amazing roles!

Here we learn about Galina “Red” Reznikov….

HOW MUCH DO WE LOVE THE RUSSIAN MUSIC WHEN RED COMES ON SCREEN!!!! Poor Red was left out by the Russian barbies, when all she wanted was to fit in. We see how Red develops from a kind-hearted Russian bride to an in control, assertive, and innovative young lady.

My respect for Chapman is growing. She reneged on the chance to file a report against Red, she refused to sit next to Alex, and even refused charitable food from her. She starts grasping at bits to find a way to make things right with Red, I couldn’t help but laugh when she says “how am i supposed to fight a 50yr old russian with back problems!” But if you listened carefully, she just answered her own question. Back problems.

On her travels to make her back lotion, she meets Sophia ( @lavernecox) , the transsexual stylist of the institute. Perhaps my favorite line by her (written by Sian Heder @sianheder) is “Please is for commissary hoes and Oliver Twist.” And then, we get a better and more formal intro to the character Taystee, (@thedanieb) who trades Chapman her goldi locks for some cocoa butter.

We’ve established so far that you need to have something to get something in prison. But such is not the case with Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (@uzoaduba) , who is clearly a fragile, misunderstood lady. Crazy Eyes brings Chapman Jalapenos, the key ingredient for her lotion. In return, she asks for nothing, just assures Chapman that “she’s not alone.”

Chapman finally redeems herself in Red’s eyes and sends Morello with a tray for her. However; when Alex approaches the line she is rejected for breaking Red’s rules.

We end in the movie room, where Chapman longs to hear the movie, and Crazy Eyes again comes to her aid. This time, after a few short giggles, Crazy Eyes slips her hand between Chapman’s legs. Chapman looks disgusted, Crazy Eyes looks enamored, inhales, and



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