High River: Don’t believe the propaganda

Since the flood this year, High River has been obliterated. Although Calgary and other areas were hit, it seems as though the news outside the province only highlights on the loss to “Calgary, or Alberta” in general.

Let me tell you something.

When the flood happened, yes areas of Alberta were hit, Downtown Calgary, Bragg Creek, Okotoks… but all are pale in comparison to the destruction that made it’s way through High River.

And now you’re wondering, why would a model care?

My parents live in High River, a ton of my friends live in High River. My whole childhood has been erased from our basement. My mother is on stress leave from work for over a month. My great friends, who own a tattoo shop, and just had a baby boy, have lost their business among other things. One of my great friends, models (modeled for me), and star of Itunes movie “Haunting Melissa,” who also has a newborn baby boy has been allowed back to her home,but told this about the air quality in her home: “bad news about your basement, your reading is 110,000. We don’t know why. Do not go in your basement, do not touch anything without gloves. IF you absolutely NEED to go down there wear a mask and gloves and shoes, do not wear the shoes you wear down there anywhere else.” People are being told that their homes are too infected for help to come, yet they won’t provide assistance to those who have to brave the toxins themselves? What new sickness are we exposing people too? Will there be some kind of Chernobyl effect?

The cute, quaint, little town I used to drive through is beyond devastated, and depression is weaving her way through the minds of the hurt and wounded. People are getting frustrated, and pretty soon, we’re going to have a riot on our hands.

You can’t just erase a whole town, and think we’ll forget about it. Sure you’ve had the stampede, and whatever else for funds directed your way to help with “flood relief” well for God sakes HELP!!!! PEOPLE NEED MORE THAN A $1200 CARD !!!! THERE IS MILLIONS IN DAMAGE! DO SOMETHING!


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3 Responses to High River: Don’t believe the propaganda

  1. Governments suck, They take everything they can from youandpromiseit is for your own good and they will come running when you need them. As for here in America, USA. The whole country is going bankrupt. Assholes…


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