Ode the ones that got away… cause i kicked them out of my life

Turn your back
And grasp your sword
And pray long
To the almighty lord 

He makes you see red
He makes you feel white
He makes your heart pound
As he begins the fight

There is no reason
There is no sense
There is no other situation
That could feel this tense

When you know it's gone
You see it in his eyes
You've become his toy
It's not love, it's despise

So he keeps you
Cornered and afraid
Tortures you daily 
What a mess you've made! 

Maybe it is my fault
Maybe I am crazy
Maybe I am ugly, 
Hate filled, and lazy

But all this derogatory speech
Makes me see
My parents were right
You're not the one for me

Stand tall shall I,
My sword I wield 
I will fight til I die,
Our love became a battlefield 

En guard ex lover
There's nothing but hate
Left between you and I
Your ignorance sealed your fateImage
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