May I Present..The Lovely AND Talented, Hailan Quan

I had the pleasure of working with an exceptional woman this past weekend. She cast me to help model clothing and jewelry for her booth at a local show.

Upon meeting her I was awe struck. Hailan is stunning to say the least. Not only is a she a model, but she also designs couture, handmade jewelry. She doesn’t stop there, she has an amazing talent for nail art. (3d art!!)

I went to her home salon in Calgary and met her two, oh so cute, chubby little French bulldogs and her gorgeous African grey parrot. It took about 3hrs but the end product is to die for. I have a custom designed 3D nail set that NO ONE else in this city/country/world has. Everything was done free hand with a brush.
If you want SPECIALIZED, ONE OF A KIND, accessories or nails (WEDDINGS!!!!) talk to my lovely lady 🙂
If you are interested in booking an appt, ordering jewelry, or just checking out her modelling here are her links: below are photos of my manicure, a lace bracelet with ring, and a photo of myself, hailan, and niki at the show




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