I was born shortly after the tornado devastated Barrie, Ontario in 1985.
This year, nature decided to remind me and the residents of high river just how destructive she can be.

I was working in Okotoks in the pouring rain. It had rained and rained for weeks on end. My friend and I heard sirens. Not normal (police, ambulance, fire) sirens. The kind that make you think war is coming.
I couldn’t make it across town for lunch. The river had come over the bridge to the point it was 3ft deep and cars were floating along with it. I backed up immediately and called my parents, both of whom were away from the home in high river, where our dog was alone.
It wasn’t 10more minutes before cops were at our location telling us “the town is being evacuated” my heart sank, if okotoks was bad, that meant High River was worse… I asked “what about high river?” He replied “they evacuated hours ago you can’t go anywhere near there.” Instantly I began to panic.

I cannot state publicly how we got my dog back, let’s just say some magic elves helped us. But she was nearly dead when we got her.

Weeks, this poor town stayed submerged. People have nothing. My family, who’s belongings have travelled half away around the world… Could not withstand the high river flood.

And now it’s Christmas, and everything is frozen, including the hearts of those who remain here. I do not see any Christmas cheer among my friends and family, this truly has been an awful year, my sincere condolences to everyone for their loss. Stay strong xoxo


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