Racist Society

Since the politically correct movement started in the 90’s, people are so confused as to how to describe someone of another race. We are told to say “African American” when, as a prime example, half my friends are NOT from Africa! Some come from Barbados, Guiana, Jamaica. And more over even the term Asian is quite vague. Part of Russia is in Asia and I don’t think I would label someone from there as asian.

Point is, you’re making people floss over the truth when most of us see it how it really is:

We are different. But we are all human and God’s children.

I am white. Granted I’m 75% English and 25% Maltese, however, I exhibit more “white girl” tendencies. If it gets hotter than 15deg Celsius I’ll be sitting under an umbrella in shade. The bags under my eyes are so noticeable against my skin hence they show more of a blue/grey tone. If I was more Mediterranean I would be able to mask that with my olive skin tone. However…. I’m hairy like a Mediterranean, so some traits still passed down… (I would’ve like to have skipped that one.”

Point is, call things what they are. What you see. It’s not derogatory as long as u don’t use words like “chink,spick, n*gga(I don’t even think this should be used at all”rappers I’m talking to u” it just furthers the racist stigma.)

My best friend (Vietnamese/Chinese) comes to me all the time for “a white girls opinion” simply because we come from different worlds and sometimes we see things differently! But all in all shes my best friend in the world! I don’t feel put down when she calls me white, nor does she when I refer to her as asian.

Stop the derogatory remarks, and just call it is as you see it. We can all be friends and live as one if we can drop our guard and see that we are all human, but we must embrace our differences that make us stand out.
If God wanted us the same we would all be one color. Love who you are, embrace who you are, and share your culture with others, we have such a beautiful world.


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3 Responses to Racist Society

  1. There are so many different styles that are fashionable and in so many different colors that show glitz and glamor.


  2. Sigh… I love your blog! Both of my parents are Jamaican although my mother is mixed between White and Black. My grandfather on my dads side is Cuban. The schools I attended growing up had Korean’s, Indians, Japanese, Blacks, Whites etc etc. My wife is white my son.. Is white?? LOL.. My daughter looks like me. Thankfully I live in a state where I have always been surrounded by numerous races/ethnicities. But when I go down south with my family…Yikes. My close circle of friends are of all different ethnicites, Puerto Rican, Greek, Mixed, White, Black Asian and I love it. I realize that I am privileged to be surrounded by so many different cultures and ethnicities where I live.

    Funny story. There are parts on the outskirts of Maryland where there are still quite a few areas where you could run into a comment or snide remark here or there. A few months ago a makeup artist contacted me and her was literally spelled Aryn. She lived in an area of Maryland that is known to still have an occasional Klan Rally. She wanted to do the makeup for the boudoir session we hosted in Jan. Well when I talked to Marcus about her we were a little leary. I mean could it really be a coincidence that her name was just shy of “Aryan” and she lived in one of the most racist parts of the state? Thankfully she really is a sweetheart and we had no issues but when I went to describe the range of models that we had for the session. I actually stumbled trying to come up with the term for a black model. I literally was stuttering because I was trying to figure out the politically correct way to say black person at the time. I thought African Amercian is not right because don’t think she is from Africa. Funny as hell coming from me! I remember being corrected by a friend one time when I said African American. He informed me that he was Trinidadian living in America lol. Technically the model was also not black so I ended up saying we have one brown model.. SMH.. Seeing as how this conversation was over the phone I can
    imagine Aryn’s eyes raising at the term I used.

    Anyway I get your point and I think it is valid!


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