Creating Hating

People advocate for “name calling, bullying, and degradation” to be stopped.

How can it be stopped when half of those same people don’t accept the very skin they’re in? Furthermore, there are plenty of people offended by the sight of female flesh. It’s considered “provocative, sexual,” even “asking for it” asking for what? Rape?

If a man posted a picture of his ass cheek torn up and a funny story along with it everyone would laugh. But because I did some of you have taken the time to be offended. And for what? Because you saw my ass and it made your uncomfortable?! There are plenty of more uncomfortable situations I can think of!

All in all, it wasn’t posted for sake of sexual arousal, it wasn’t posted to say “look how hot I am” it was posted to say “I’m as graceful as BAMBI ON ICE and I suggest you think twice when you say modelling is easy!”

Simple as that! And if you don’t like my posts… DONT FUCKING LOOK!

Oh… Here’s a pic from the shoot before I wiped out


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