Negative thoughts

It’s amazing how a great day can turn to shit with the recollection of one memory.

Why is our brain like a torture chamber filled with nightmarish thoughts to haunt us for all eternity!?

Why isn’t there a filter for us to throw out all destructive flashbacks? I that we can retain for useful knowledge…

Such as ” where did I just put my keys?”
” what was the sound of the lub dub in the heart? Was it the closing of the atrioventricular valves or the opening of the semi lunar valves… Or was it both??”

Bad thoughts destroy our psyche.

If someone knows how to stop them message me, right now I’m resorting to kitty cuddles and indie rock music.


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5 Responses to Negative thoughts

  1. I can’t answer any of those questions either. Indie rock is what I turn to myself when dreaming about what I could be doing at the moment. Actually you just made me put on my headphones so I can croon along with Mazzy Starr lol. Sorry for blowing up your blog today. Your posts are interesting and and although I am friend with a lot of the models I shoot, it’s interesting to listen from a models point of view. :-). Add to the fact that you are hilarious at times.


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