Calgary Fashion Week

It has been an honour to walk as the closing model for emerging designer “shamila’s exquisite collections”. (

I was tipped off Thursday night by upcoming MISS CANADA contestant Eloise Yaskiw (lady green from last weeks show) about a last minute casting for this and another designer and they were both on the morning of the show (nothing like last minute) . Eloise was the finale model for the show, and had prosthetics makeup applied to her face and was a fierce dark angel!!! I have added 2photos of Eloise’s look as well as one of me from our amazing behind the scenes photographer Courtney Borgford
I showed up at the Hotel Arts at 10:45am for my go see and possible fittings. We waited anxiously for the designers. Tania and Vish of SPARQ PRODUCTIONS had us models walk and they picked who they wanted out of the group. They decided they wanted me to be the bride of the show, and wear the full gown and veil. Our designer features Pakistani designs with a western flair. The two I wore were more traditional than most, a black gown and then the full bridal gown. I was elated to be walking in those two pieces, and to be the closer for my designer.
My bridal piece was beyond a work of art. Each bridal gown takes about 6 weeks to create with countless hours of highly detailed jewel work. I wore a long skirt (made of jamawer chiffon) with gown (chiffon) and stoll, properly described as a long gown with shalwar, dupatta, lehnga. It was embellished with zardosi, dabka and tilla jewels. I looked like a goddess.
I went back inside for my fitting for Russian designer Ze Zano, unfortunately my hips were too big for her designs. (Last show I didn’t get picked by one designer cause my boobs were too big, this one my ass was too big, welcome to modelling people, nothing like constant scrutiny)
I went to get lunch and black nylons and was asked to find a black bra to go under my black dress. I usually have a wardrobe in the trunk of my car but literally took it all out the day before to be washed. Alas, I had no black bra.
We as models are always asked to come to fittings in nude underwear. I seriously thought I was going to be braless! (Come on carolynne last show no panties and this show no bra!)
I yelled to a room full of models “anyone a 34-36d and have a black bra here…” All I received was silence. I updated my facebook status asking if anyone was in the downtown area had a spare 34-36d bra, received some good joking comments, but alas, still no bra.
My good friend Jill Robinson from the TV show “go fish” was changing and I saw she was a wearing a black bra around my size! I asked her what size she was, and although she was a 36dd it still worked (just means my breasts didn’t fill it out quite as well as Jill’s do) so she literally gave me the bra off her back for me to wear. I couldn’t have been more saved… Or could I?
When I went for hair Edie, who did my hair last week, was there! (pronounced Eee-deeee) (her real name is Edith, but because we both love Edie Sedgwick well, shes now edie.) So I was ecstatic to get to work with my girl again! At first we had a lovely side fishtail bun in, then our designers said it was supposed to be up, so Edie took it out of the fishtail bun and put it right up, with accented gold and silver jewels and braids, Edie did an amazing job. (See pics below) my lovely Jason was also there! Awww! Team!
I’m told by the designer my dress is see though and I need black leggings… (In Pakistan: Choridar) Again I turned to Jill, and she saved me twice! Only models will give each other the pants off their butts and the bras off their boobs to help a girl out.
At one point, sitting in makeup, the jewels were in the centre of my head as our designer had asked, the one gay stylist piped up and said
“oh honey what the hell is that? Go talk to the design team and tell them this (hand circle motion) is not working”
-***** gay men- worth their weight in diamonds THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME AND MY HEAD PIECE.
I showered him in thanks for fixing that for me!
The girls at Mira Pucchi ( were responsible for the amazing makeup job, I even got to see Beni who did my makeup last week and touched me up this time!
Standing in the line behind stage is the most frightening/invigorating feeling ever. My heart was pounding through my chest and all you can think is a rush of “don’t fall, walk slow, pose well, DONT FALL” I stepped out onto the runway, the last model of our crew for both walks, and the crowds loved it. After walking in the black gown I had to race back stage to change into the bridal gown.
I had two women dress me and pin me and I didn’t get back in line til there was only two models ahead to walk the runway. But when I stepped out on the gold bridal wear people were awestruck. The beading on the outfit was amazing, I shined and glittered like a diamond in the sun. We then had final, choreographed walk where I stayed centre like the queen and awaited escort by our fabulous designer, Shamila. Her and I walked the last walk hand in hand and the girls filed in line behind us.
And I must say, I have a new respect for women of this culture. I wore that dress for maybe 40mins, you girls wear them all day for sometimes 3days!!! And in the Middle East! Bravo ladies, your strength amazes me.
My phone died so I walked outside to get my charger in the gold dress. People on the street made such lovely comments I only wish the designer was next to me for them. I hurried back inside and hid in the corner next to my phone, skirts up around my knees as I was boiling, (again, ladies of Pakistan, my greatest respect to you for wearing these in your weather! was a great event I can’t wait to see the professional pictures and video. However, I’m told by one fan in Pakistan that I looked “bouhat khoobsurat ”
















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