For Shelley

It is with a heavy heart that friends and family say their final goodbyes to an amazing woman.
I never had the chance to meet her, but in her last weeks a friend of hers shared her blog with me and I was completely blown away. Here was a woman, battling one of the worst forms of cancer (ovarian) and having the strength, wit, and determination to run a blog, and tell the world how treatment made her feel. What It was like to have cancer coursing through your body… what facing death feels like. These are all things most people dread, think will never happen to them, but it happened to Shelley, and she was strong enough to take us through the journey with her. She made us laugh, oh man shes funny!

My greatest condolences and heartfelt wishes to her sister and husband, and everyone who knew her personally. Her blog made me cry and I haven’t even met her.
She may be gone at the tender age of 50, but her soul will live on in the memories of others and her voice is eternally burned in her blog. Please, fellow bloggers, caring people, go read her blog and get a glimpse of the beauty and strength that is the soul of Shelley Kunzel. Rest in peace.


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