Welcome Wagon Wedding

I had the honour of working with several wonderful and beautiful women (and hot men!) today at the Welcome Wagon Wedding Show here in Calgary, at the Blackfoot Inn. I walked in a fashion show for Lovely Wedding Rentals. https://m.facebook.com/lovelyweddingandeventrentals
I was set to model a gorgeous eggplant coloured, short bridesmaid dress. And a stunning off white, satin gown with a high/halter jewelled neck collar, with a completely open back and princess pouf at the bottom. (Clearly I never studied textiles so bear with me here!)

I started backstage with my lovely stylist Natasha, who had the arduous task of pinning my long locks on top of my head in a neatly wrapped bun. Although given a tough task the stunning Natasha pulled through and my hair looked lovely. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Organic-Couture-Hair/474999505961424
The whole time our gorgeous little photographer Alejandra McKenna was snapping photos of me left, right and centre. There’s no feeling like being sat in a stylist chair while a photographer eagerly snaps your photo, it’s like being a celebrity. It’s lovely to hear other girls chime in and say they’ve seen my pictures or read my blog, it’s so incredibly flattering!
Once my hair was pinned into place I sat in the makeup chair with Les and she prettied me up with makeup https://www.facebook.com/TrueBeautyOnline
I was so happy to bump into my girl Aprille Lu who did my makeup for my selfie video!!! As always we had a blast and she helped touch me up, take photos and video for me! Stay tuned for more work with me and Aprille! https://m.facebook.com/Makeupbymisslu

We did a practise walk through and I had to run back to my place to grab my earrings on the break. When I came back I saw Devon Reed and he was there to capture my photos too!https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=469668716424305

Then, and possibly the best part, the CALGARY FIREMEN were there!!!!! So, while dressed in my giant bridal dress, I asked the boys to pick me up like I was a real bride and take some photos! Of course I agreed to purchase a calendar afterwards which they all so graciously signed.
Thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon guys I had so much fun!!! Stay tuned for the professional pics! Until then here’s my phone pics and videos xoxo. Much love darlings and great job to all the models, stylists, firemen, and of course Lovely Wedding Rentals!!!









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