Help A Sister Out

Ok folks, especially in Edmonton, Calgary, I need you on this one.

Some of you may not know I’ve already had a LEEP procedure to remove cancerous cells from my cervix, and that I also have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). So when it comes to charity events for the cancers below the waist, needless to say I have a soft spot.

But this story almost broke my heart.

A friend of mine, fellow model Irene Letang, has battled Uterine cancer and managed to beat it. Doctors discovered the cancer while she was pregnant with her daughter, she had a partial hysterectomy (uterus removed) and underwent extensive chemo treatments. She managed to beat it and has been in remission for 18yrs now.
But Irene’s family aren’t out of the water yet.
They’ve discovered her baby sister Tracy is a similar situation to Irene. She went to the hospital with stomach pain. After several tests they discovered a football sized tumour on her right Fallopian tube. Tests for malignancy came back positive stating she had stage 3 gynaecological cancer. She was supposed to start treatments this past January but due to her low immune system she has developed both a kidney and liver infection. She is currently on antibiotics and needs to be more stable before the treatment can take place. The therapy needed to overcome cancer is dependant on the time in which it is diagnosed as well as genetic predisposition and environmental factors. The current success rate for uterine cancer is between 50-75%.


Big sister Irene isn’t letting Tracy go without a fight, AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!


Irene is hosting a fundraiser Fashion Show with silent auction in order to raise funds for her baby sisters treatment. PLEASE!!! Please lend a hand. Even the smallest donation can make the biggest difference. If anyone would like to help out please contact Irene or even myself and I’ll point you in the right direction.
The event is SATURDAY, APRIL 26th, 2014 and SET NIGHTCLUB WEST EDMONTON MALL!!! Get your tickets at the link below!!! And trust me, you want front row for this 🙂

Contact Irene:


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