NHL SERIES PART 4: The Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets have had a bit of a rocky past. Founded in 1972 the team ran into financial difficulty in 1996 and was resigned under Phoenix. The fans outcry to bring the team home again was successful in 2011 and since then the Jets have been fighting to make their mark in the NHL.
The original slogan for the team was:

“Fueled by Passion”

However there were talks last year to change that and I am unsure as to whether or not they did.
The team boasts heavy hitters such as Bryan Little, Blake Wheeler and Evander Kane (who happens to be my lil cousins crush! And who’s jersey I am wearing below.)
They are currently sitting 7th in the central division, but don’t lose hope for your boys yet Winnipeg, if their hearts are half as mighty as the fans they’ll bring home the cup next year.
For all my jets fans… GO JETS GO!!!

Photos: Devon Reed Photography https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=469668716424305
DC Photography

Hair and makeup: Tara Carter Mua

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Thank you very much to store manager: Jeff Kingelin






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