For Daisy

This is my first post to my baby cousin on my dads side. I would first like to express both my joy and rage that this is happening. On one side I am delighted to revel in this intelligent beauty that is my cousin, on the other I’m so furious that I’m only NOW getting to know her due to someone’s hate and corruption. I’ll quickly remind you:
last year, after my uncles death, I sat on google for almost 6hrs on a hunt to find my long lost grandmother, the Maltese side of me. Low and behold I found her. Long story short, between myself and my new found aunt Kim we reunited my father with his mother last October after 46yrs of being separated against their will.
But all that aside!
I have a baby cousin!!!! And she even looks like me!!! (But is MUCH prettier… Seriously I was funny-looking at 12!)
Her name is Daisy Smith, (it’s not made up I promise, smith is a very common name in England and well, everywhere). She’s a clever little darling with all the opportunities I had a child but with one great difference. She is still so pure. So innocent. By 14 I had a mental breakdown, but my daisy is so strong, I know in my heart she will go far. She can sing like me, and has confidence, which is something I didn’t have until 21. Shes a star in the making, if any talent agent has half a brain in 6yrs they’ll be banging on her door. But if my girls as tough as I think she is she won’t become one of us affection hungry models or starlets, most people don’t understand we go into these vocations because we are lonely people, and seek to connect with other weird and lonely people like ourselves. Acting and modelling are not careers for those with kind hearts and sound mind, and good education.
Unfortunately, as beautiful as Canada is it’s educational content is a joke. Thankfully, Daisy my dear, you are not only privy to the amazing education one receives in England, you get to go to private school. Something I BEGGED for in England and was, in fact, sabotaged by my head mistress so I couldn’t go! (But that’s another story)…

So… Daisy, my sweet girl, here’s the best advice I can give you:

Looks mean nothing. Develop who you are as a person, discover your talents, allow them to flourish. BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT. It does not matter what is “cool” or “not cool,” what matters is that you are always true to yourself. Never let anyone talk you down or bring you down, people always say this but they’re right, they’re doing it because they are jealous. And when you’re gifted and beautiful, people get jealous very quickly. And unfortunately you become to the victim of spiteful gossip and hurtful insults. It is important to take these ONE WAY AND ONE WAY ONLY: and this is it: when people are talking about you, it means they’re so obsessed with you and miserable with themselves that they cannot accept their own failure as a person and in turn assault your fragile sensibility in a vain attempt to smite your confidence. They are weak. You are strong. Do not let them break you. As long as you believe in you, we believe in you, eventually everyone else will.
Also, don’t waste your time with boys til after college, they’re mostly a waste of time until after 25 (no offence guys, but even you know what you’re trying to gain from women from 16-25)
Never stop learning. One can never know all there is to know. Learn, read, experience, that is how you become a well rounded individual.
And lastly, always love and respect your family, especially your parents. You are their world. Don’t forget that when you’re 16, 18, 30, 50, you’re everything to them. And you mean so much to me too.

I’m so glad I found you little one 🙂 and proud to call you my family, my baby cousin.

Love always, your big cousin
Carolynne xoxo



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