5yrs ago today

5yrs ago, today, my life as I knew it was warped. I was attacked by a Rottweiler and had the lower section of my face torn up. I was left with scars, nerve damage, and PTSD. I had to quit modelling and I thought I would never get the chance again…

5yrs later….

I’m back. I go to counselling, but I model, I model again!!!! So proud of myself. Almost half a decade but I’m getting back to the old me one day at a time.

I will never be the same person, but I won’t let it hold me down either.

Here’s the before and afters




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3 Responses to 5yrs ago today

  1. Eugene says:

    Good for you Carolyn, Great accomplishment to get back at it. Keep working on the counselling to stay positive and keep Modleing. Love your work.


  2. I cannot begin to imagine what you went through! Happy that you were able to recover and that it has it stopped you from continuing doing what you enjoy. Looking forward to checking out the rest of your work. 🙂


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