Left To Rot

You seemed to have forgotten, but we haven’t. As the snow melts the town of High River’s damage from last years floods is perhaps more evident than before.
And why? BECAUSE NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING!!!! All the media hype lasted a total of 3 weeks, most people weren’t back in their homes for 6 weeks, some homes are still abandoned, with spray painted messages on the outside walls saying things like “please don’t touch our things we’ll be back.”
The area of Montrose had a beautiful little river in it. Coincidentally that river is now filled with excrement and detritus. There are ducks and geese, wildlife that need to live in these areas that are being exposed to harmful chemicals and substances that have sat unperturbed as NO ONE has cleaned anything. The houses lawns are still considered contaminated until the town receives at least 3 good rainfalls to help wash off the surface of toxins.
So where do the children play? They don’t. Where can young couples go for picnics? They won’t. The once picturesque area is now a disaster zone, where morale is at an all time low. Business is in the tank. Prices are through the roof. People are struggling.
And all the media cares about is how Alison Redford paid for a trip to jasper? FINISH THE JOB YOU STARTED! One of the oldest towns in this province is left in shambles!!!! FIX IT!


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9 Responses to Left To Rot

  1. fncounter says:

    Beautifull pic


  2. Gaurab says:

    Nice click. I think you may not know but your picture resembles a picture from a famous Bollywood movie “DDLJ”. 🙂


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