Sexy Slytherin


So, as some of you know I’ve been privileged enough to model at Canada’s largest Comic Expo for local vendor BLING IT ON HQ. (Designs and jewelry available here:
While there, I had the absolute honour of meeting none other than Tom Felton, better known as “Drako Malfoy” from the famous Harry Potter movie series.
I, like many of you, dreamt as a child of being sent away to magic school. (Granted I read “the worst witch” series, but both have a similar basis. Harry potter, however, is brilliantly crafted and truly one of a kind.)
However, unlike most girls, I didn’t fall for Harry, or for Ron. I never did fall for the good guys. I had a crush on Drako the second I saw his beautiful blonde hair. And for the record his eyes are even more piercing blue in real life.
For my photo opportunity I donned my amazing Bellatrix LeStrange dress. My hair and makeup was provided by the beautiful Tara Cara, for a booking visit:

And lastly, Tom if you have time to read this, thank you so much for your time today, you truly made a model-nerd’s day!
For all things Harry Potter check out

And maybe one day my fellow nerds, we’ll do battle on the quiddage courts at Hogwarts…. One day…


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2 Responses to Sexy Slytherin

  1. Emily Rose says:

    So jealous!!!! Lucky you!


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