Disabled Facebook

It truly is a sad day in my social network. My 2000+ fans on facebook, several contacts, all my photos and memories, are currently held in Facebook Limbo thanks to some lifeless internet troll.
I find myself checking my facebook icon more frequently than a meth addict checks the carpet for scraps, when that fails I’m checking my email for my follow up email regarding this matter.
The reasoning? Apparently my profile was listed as FAKE. Are you fucking kidding me? I’ve been on facebook since 2007. I run two pages and admin one group. I need to contact my people or I’m basically without work. This is ridiculous. Ludicrous. I am absolutely livid.
And all this at a time when my stats are at an all time high… Fear not my faithful followers, my facebook will be back soon, I have faith. The trolls can’t keep me down for long.
Ps. I dare the trolls who did this to say their problems to my face instead of hiding behind your computer screens like cowards.


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7 Responses to Disabled Facebook

  1. Sorry to hear this has happened to you. I have an actor friend that this also happened to and it was a nightmare for him to deal with. In his situation someone else claimed that they were him and the account was taken down for two weeks until everything was resolved. He never found out who did it to him but he thinks it was an ex. In any case this should work itself out soon but it must suck having to deal with it. Hope your weekend gets better.


  2. Lenzwizard says:

    Its a cruel world, full of malicious morons. I wish you the best and I’m sure you’ll get it back. I had similar issues a few years ago. I couldn’t login should overseas, what a bummer.


  3. Dan Traun says:

    I grow more disappointed with fb with each passing day. I cannot complain too much though – it is free after all. It has changed so much and the way they have alter how posts are delivered to get you to pay to promote your posts sucks. There must be another way; another social media outlet.


  4. Neil Young says:

    contact FB support….it’s a pain in the ass, but at least then they can put it on record that you aren’t a fake lol


  5. Kat says:

    I know, when people delete their facebook they can go totally delete their account and still have everything once they want it back, so i am sure when Facebook gets your account back all your followers should still be there.


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