Come See Me Model Live!

There’s still some tickets available! (Go to to purchase)
I’ll be bodypainted from head to toe, and showcasing designs and art from local talent here at Contemporary Calgary, Canada’s little fashion secret. Of course I won’t be alone, I’ll be accompanied by several other models from the Calgary scene, including the vivacious Eloise Yaskiw (mentioned before in the “make fashion” series and also “yyc fashion week”).
Tickets are $45 at the door, or $40 when you order online with the promo code: FBYYCFW

Keep in mind! This isn’t a fashion show so much as it is freeze/ still modelling. It takes a lot of effort! Needless to say I’ll be doing my yoga before hand to make sure I’m good to go. Come down and say hello! Models usually get to mingle after the show (in fact we’re usually encouraged to do so.)

Can’t wait to see you all there! For information go to the facebook event for detailed designer and artist info, RSVP and more!

Or go to


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1 Response to Come See Me Model Live!

  1. Wish I could be there.


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