YYC FASHION WEEK: Wearable Art Show

I am so honoured and privileged to be back as part of this creative vision by Eloise Yaskiw (event coordinator).
I represented two designers,
the concept was to have the models (myself and the 7 others) be painted in a gold/bronze statue with cracks and breaks it in to antique the look. Our hair was to be swept up off our faces, into a giant bun on top of our heads. The models were then to freeze model while on podiums, variating poses every 2mins.
This was the theoretical vision, and here’s how we made it come alive in Calgary…

I arrived downtown for the last minute fitting. I was 30mins late but everyone was late so it wasn’t so bad. I literally had not slept from the night before (I had an amazing night! ) so I showed up with candy raver hair wide awake and everyone just shook their heads at me and said “oh goodness carolynne! Have you slept yet?”

I reunited with my friend and fitness model Niki Middleton and together we met Designer Jenny Frank, for La Belle Fairy Custom Corsets. (Found online at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaBelleFairy?ref=si_shop
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/LaBelleFairy
She’s by far, my favourite designer for the evening. Corsetry is an extremely difficult task and these outfits were put together with such finesse you wouldn’t have known for a moment this was her first show. While speaking with her she told us “[she] was born the same day Coco Chanel died.” Amazing, how one fashion soul cycles out and another cycles in, and strangely enough Jenny Frank took up the one area of fashion Chanel did not want to study, as she (coco) found it old fashioned and binding much like the ways of the nunnery where she was raised. I was selected to wear a gorgeous Edwardian set, complete with ruffle bum shorts, corset, and lace bustier. I truly couldn’t have been happier.

I sat on the gallery floor at Contemporary Calgary waiting for body paint. At one point Troy Young came up to me, smiled and said, “you….take a nap” LOL
So I curled up on the floor in a ball. Eloise came by and started laughing, stroked my face and said “oh my god you’re so cute, don’t ever change!” After about an hour I got it together.

For the body painting we had the amazingly talented Amanda Tozser (of Amandamazing Art
http://www.amandamazingart.com (or facebook : https://m.facebook.com/pages/Amandamazing-Art-Face-Painting/106003276140734?_rdr
And the wonderful Melody Kielek and her daughter Kayla of FRECKLES FACE PAINTING (to book search on kijiji) paint us as well. I loved talking and working with those ladies they are so much fun.

We were painted as gold/bronze statues with black cracks in them. Took about 2hrs a body but we looked amazing after.

And then the fun arrived.

Master stylist Jason Mellor showed up to model and style. He was sporting designs from Nan’Darach designs, Beautiful jewelry and head pieces.
Who were showcasing their designs next to Jamie Blocks gorgeous, dark, textile variation pieces. (Use of leather, lace, chiffon, so on)

In the end… Jason… Was a UNICORN BITCHES!!!! What a fierce Unicorn!

He looked over the models and pointed right at me, “that one, shes first, that hairs a bitch! ” lol which he backed up by saying “no it’s beautiful, there’s just sooo much of it” so Jason, skylar, and Edith attacked the mound I hair tht was my head.

The girls and I were fitted for our hats and I sat in makeup and had the privilege of having ERIN WINTERS (www.facebook.com/ErinWintersMakeupArtist )do my makeup while the lovely EDITH SAVANYA did Niki’s. (www.facebook.com/stylebyedith )

We went down stairs to stage and posed for one 10minute set, variating poses every two minutes. When I was in the Edwardian piece I was surrounded by photographers. It was so much fun.
When we were finally all done, I went upstairs to get my things and trudged downtown in the rain, 3 blocks on no sleep, in a mini dress painted like a statue. #modelproblems.

Big thanks to Troy Young,
Zev Abosh
Anthony Yuen
Michael Scott Vincent,
Chuck Szmurlo
for the photos.

And thank you Troy, Zev and Eloise for thinking up this amazing concept.

Thank you to the designers for coming (especially Jenny and Janelle) the hair and makeup teams (EDGES SALON! Stay tuned for my upcoming review!), models, and the public.

And thank you to Jason Mellor for my beautiful couture ear piece (pictured below) and to jenny for having me wear her beautiful design and giving me an amazing deal on it!

For more info on when our next YYC FASHION WEEK will be please stay tuned and I will keep you posted!
Until then go like the page on facebook! Www.facebook.com/yycfashionweek

Here are the photos below: 20140526-004425-2665086.jpg

















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