Fierce Competition

Calgary… Are you ready for this? The most advanced, renowned hair contest is coming back to Calgary, AB. 2 years ago it was completely SOLD OUT !! This year the LOVE, LIGHT N HAIR contest is going to be out of this world.
Featuring international celebrity judges and technology (thanks to the people at Make Fashion) that has never before been seen or used in this country. With 1000 people in attendance, prizes to be won, and more!

So… Here’s why I’m involved.

Jason, my all time favourite stylist cast me to be one of 4 models for the promo poster for the Love Light n Hair event. I met there with Ashley Quan (established Calgary model), Stephanie Hopkins (stylist and MUA) Grace Okenny (Calgary model) Troy Young (Troy Young Photography) Marina Ortman (Dome) and Christina Leung (MUA)
From there he and his team transformed us four models into something out of this world. My hair had a sideways, braid “cleverly undone” and pinned up under my ear, with the bangs braided and also “cleverly undone” in a style we now call “Jaylicious”.
Us models were showcasing the stellar, predominately black, leather pieces by Dome (post about her fashions coming tomorrow) with the flawless hairstyles by Jason and makeup by Christina, and the end look turned out fabulous.
I looked like an evil queen, like Malificient. I felt so incredibly powerful in that jacket, with that hair, and if you can’t tell in the picture, that’s a bejewelled skull crown in my head.

Here’s the run down on the event from Master Stylist Jason Mellor:
“The concept is bridging the gap between salons and different communities through friendly competition. The difference is we share ideas, improving our community through our step by step portal brought to us by BANGSTYLE.(online publication)
By getting the students involved as a part of the teams the salons are not just investing in doing the best for themselves and thier salon but we now have an opportunity to show what our salons and our craft has to offer.
Beyond the community we are building within our own industry in collaboration with Marvel. We are also bridging the gap between hair, make up, fashion designers, distributors, clubs/restaurants djs and even science.
LOVE LIGHT n HAIR also has prizes!!! These generously donated prizes are all education based so the ripple effects will be felt long after the competition is over! All of the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to community organizations such as the Rehabilitation Society of Calgary. There are no required entry fees. All we ask is a donation of $100 and/or participation in the mentor program for Calgary’s own @ActsofGreatness -empowering our next generation of leaders!”

So there you have it!!! For more info or to enter contact Jason at


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