The Cheesecake Ca-FAIL

There is only one Cheesecake Cafe in Calgary. Today was my first visit to the ever famous “Cheesecake Cafe” here in town, and admittedly, it will be my last. Never, in my life as a restaurant connoisseur, nor in my 11yrs as a waitress, have I ever been privy to such embarrassing behaviour by all staff within one vicinity at one time. There wasn’t a brain operating at full power in the whole establishment.
Please, allow me to elaborate:
My esteemed colleagues (Photographer Daiana Sioui and fashion designer Mackenzie Jones) arrived half an hour earlier than myself, at about 5pm. My partners were brought water, and left with menus. I arrived on time at 5:30. We discussed the event we have coming up which I’m MC’ing (Behind the Curtain Fashion Show, June 21) and talked over ideas and such.
It was 6:15 when I had to approach the hostess table and explain that no server had been to our table in 1.25hrs. She seemed shocked and had a more than cheerful gay waiter come help us. The lovely young gentleman was the only plus to our dining experience. When he left our order was brought to us incorrectly (to say the least), Daiana’s fettuccini had penne mixed in with it (and had about as much flavour as a psych ward has color).
I was given a whole order of poutine on the side of my chicken fingers as well as the fries that came on the side (perhaps I wasn’t clear when I said “I’ll have chicken fingers WITH poutine”) the gravy was cold as the cheese on it hadn’t melted. Mackenzie’s dish was nothing to brag about either, yet no notable mistakes.
At 6:45 we finally discovered our waitress was supposed to be this young blonde girl, who constantly ignored us, spoke no words to us, just scowled and took glasses from the table and asked if everything was ok. When it wasn’t she sent her manager. Then the hostess came by. Then maybe the young gay guy again. It became a question of:
A) who is serving us?
B) why does our food look like a 5yr old made it (ps my nephew can cook better than that)?
C) why the hell did we come here?

In the end the manager removed the poutine and the fettuccini from the bill yet we were still forced to pay for the remainder of the disastrous meal.

For the first time in my life I did not tip today. I was shocked and appalled at not only the ignorance of the wait staff but the incompetence of the management.

There is only one Cheesecake Cafe left in Calgary, and now I know why.


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1 Response to The Cheesecake Ca-FAIL

  1. Bobbi Beeson says:

    Dear Carolynne,

    I am troubled to hear of your dining experience at our Macleod Cafe. I apologize for disappointing you and your friends.

    I have sent your feedback to the management of the Cafe asking them to immediately address and fix the issues you have brought forth.

    While I understand that your experience at the Cafe was a negative one, I would like to send you some complimentary certificates to return and give the Cafe another chance to provide you with a better dining experience. If this is of interest to you, please contact me directly at with your mailing address.

    Thank you for communicating your concerns so that we can fix our operational issues.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Bobbi Beeson
    The Cheesecake Cafe


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