DOME’-Fashion with Attitude

DOME’- Born from Rebellion, worn with attitude.

Marina Ortman knew at a young age designing was her passion, it seems she’s known it her whole life, yet it wasn’t until the last few years that she truly took that spark and turned it to a flame. You can see Marina’s own confidence, elegance in everything she does, it’s no wonder her pieces are so compelling, they truly are inspired from the heart. The name DOME’ is an acronym compiled of her family members names:
D- Dorogan (her family name)
O- Oksana (her sister)
M- for Marina
E- Elana (younger sister)
‘- for her niece
Her favourite fabric to work with is leather as no other material has as much “abundance of movement.” Her goal is to “reintroduce leather in an elegant, sculptured, and shocking way.” Marina is inspired by POWER. “Power breeds confidence, and confidence rules the world.”

The first time I saw Marina Ortman’s designs my breath was taken away. Instantly I was captivated by the sleek elegance combined with fierce attitude that was stitched into every piece.
I knew the moment I saw her work that, at some point, I HAD to model this.
And that point came…
Marina teamed up with Jason Mellor from Edges Salon and Spa here in Calgary for the upcoming promotional poster for the LOVE, LIGHT N HAIR event. It was just my luck that Jason (master stylist aka the Unicorn) chose me as one of his hair muses, and with that, came the privilege of finally being able to wear a couture leather piece by DOME’.
I saw the piece I was chosen to wear at the wearable arts show, and I fell in love with it then. When Marina chose me to model it I was absolutely elated.
The piece is called “Snow White Gone Wild” Marina came up with the idea for the jacket quite some time ago, she wanted to create a “deadly beauty, elegantly constructed front with a wild and dark back”

I think it’s safe to say she made her vision a reality, as when I placed my arms in that jacket, I became royalty. Not only does the way in which it’s stitched hold you up so tall you can’t help but feel important, and also somewhat intimidating, and that creates ATTITUDE.

The leather forms and moulds to your will, it’s truly an amazing material (albeit one of the toughest to master ! (U SHOULD SEE MARINA! She stitches it without even using a thimble!! She claims it’s the “Russian” in her.) Something tells me she might be right)

To order your one of a kind, couture, hand sewn and designed piece of the finest leather, contact Marina at DOME’:





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