Global Petroleum Show

I had the honour of working with my great friend/colleague/promo model/ social media queen and in her own right MAGIC ASSISTANT, Gwyn Auger (owner/manager of Sparkle Event Solutions). Us models were asked to represent Kodiak Wireline Services Partnership based out of St. Albert, Ab at the Calgary Global Petroleum show. The gentlemen at Kodiak are not only knowledgeable, have top of the line technology and processes, but they also have great sense of business and humour, and when combined those aspects ensure success in the oil and gas industry. They currently service all of Alberta, Saskatchewan, B.C, and Columbia.

Calgary sales office:
(403) 452-3777

Ask for Dave Blanchet or Steve Langan

Day 1 my wonderful friend/editor of CTM Dave MacKenzie stopped by to take some photos of myself and my beautiful friend/coworker/boss. I bumped into my friend from jr.high and high schools uncle (Sara I met your uncle Gerry!!!) and saw a good friend from high school that I haven’t seen in about 10yrs (shout out Joel!)

While working this amazing event, I not only got my fill of gorgeous men in suits and oil field workers (puuuurrrrrrrrr)

But I also ran into none other than MMA HALL OF FAME CHAMPION CHUCK LIDDELL!!!
After I decided he should have something of mine to take back with him, so I gave him a copy of my latest magazine, CANADIAN TRUCKING MAGAZINE and asked him to pose with me and it!!! Shouts out to my photographer and stylist for making that shoot happen! (Go Tara and Armand!!!) ( ), signed of course. SWEET DREAMS CHUCK YOU HANDSOME BEAST!

Thank you to all who made this event possible, make sure you all make it down tomorrow to see the latest in innovation and design! Also, if any single girls are looking for a good man, you have one more day of the petroleum show to “shop” for potential candidates. I suggest you get there early there’s lots to see!




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