There is nothing I hate more in this world than arrogant people. Those who feel entitled to some level of respect after having contributed nothing. Those who speak condescending to others in an attempt to make themselves feel superior. If you are one of these people, please know that, I, for one, see through your charade. I see that your excessive overconfidence is actually a reflection of your internal turmoil and inability to accept just how pathetic you really are.


There are some, who aren’t hiding any turmoil. Some who are truly, bull headed and arrogant all in one. With no shred of humility or envy, for they are the best of the best, (in their minds anyway)… And these ones, are the ones that makes blood boil.

I have done photo shoots with some photographers like this, one who even spoke down to me as if I’d never modelled a day in my life… Until she found out who I was, then, ambitious as she was, began to kiss my ass in an effort to gain some kind of leverage in the fashion world.
Tut tut tut.
Didn’t anyone teach you anything about first impressions?

I’ve had “models” who’ve done one photo shoot suddenly think she’s Tyra Fucking Banks and can have whatever she wants for free simply because she knows a few of us. A hint to the wise, the really cool people don’t have to name drop, we actually have each other’s numbers, not just Facebook, they are our friends and you USING them to get yourself ahead in life just shows how much of a parasite you really are.

Those of us who succeed do so because we work AS A TEAM, and build each other up in an effort to make ALL OF OUR lives better, not just our own.
If you wish to be a part of my world, then please, be humble, gracious, considerate, and kind.
Arrogance, condescending attitudes, demeaning directions and flat out rudeness will result in one of two things: a swift kick to the nuts/lady parts, (the crotch applies for women too, it hurts like hell)
A blog entry detailing to the world just how IGNORANT AND RUDE you truly are. Shame on you, and your parents for raising such a child.

Photo compliments of: Walt Klimasch
Hair and Makeup: Tara Carter


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