Why I Tag You

Occasionally I get angry messages from people saying “please don’t tag me in your posts.” Or, they take it personally because I tagged them automatically thinking, “this must be about me.” I tag you because you’re my friends and I love you. My dears, if something is about you, I will spell it out so clearly that it couldn’t be about anyone else BUT you. Point being, these posts, this blog, is so much bigger than you or me. I rarely point fingers at people so please don’t think these are ever about you. But they are, in fact, a method of therapy both for myself and others. An effort to connect with those who perhaps think there is no one left on the world. I address the concerns of mental health, solitude, pain and humility in a world where socializing is all too expected of us, and hell sometimes some of us would rather crawl in a corner and hide than be the centre of attention an mingle with others. So where am I going with this? You may be upset that I “tagged you.” …. But what if I told you, several people message me daily, thanking me for writing what I write. Saying they “needed/ felt compelled to contact me”, that they went through something similar, and from reading my post they feel less alone and sometimes even inspired. So the “tag” may temporarily upset you, but it might bring a much needed light to someone’s life, someone close to you who normally wouldn’t speak out otherwise. So please, take a second to think outside the box when you’re tagged in one of my posts. It’s for the greater good I promise. Here’s a response from a friend of a friend who was tagged: 20140713-151204-54724055.jpg





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2 Responses to Why I Tag You

  1. David says:

    You are a beautiful lady with an awsome attitude. Down to earth with a good heart. I love reading your posts. Thank you for the posts and pics. They lift my spirits.


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