How many of you have cheaped out on a hair cut (or, unfortunately paid a ridiculous price only to have your hair look ready for the freak show)? How many of you don’t have a clue as to the current state your hair is in? Or what kind of shampoo/products to purchase? You go to a salon, pick the first product that’s in a bottle that you like, perhaps it has a nice smell, but you have no clue whether it actually does what’s on the bottle….


Stop cheaping out, stop half assing your hair cuts, and GO SEE THE PROFESSIONALS. Moreover, go see the professionals at EDGES SALON AND SPA here in Calgary.

I spent my Saturday afternoon being pampered by the staff at Edges, and I can honestly say I will never go to another salon/hair dresser again.

I arrived at the downtown location and got settled in for my appointment. I was greeted by a lovely lady and was asked to wait for Shea to wash and chemical treat my hair.
Shea Forsyth is a stylist and makeup artist at edges, and treat me to a wonderful head massage while adding a “Redken all soft and smooth lock” to long, natural, never coloured hair. There are 6 Redken treatments to choose from, so depending on your hair type Shea basically assesses the hair and diagnoses which treatment to apply.


I was then passed into the trusty hands of none other than master stylist, Jason Mellor.
Jason explained to me that:
all of the edges staff are constantly educated. The salon is endorsed by J. Beverly Hills, and with that comes extreme knowledge. The salon literally cannot sell the product unless every team member has been thoroughly trained on the chemistry of the product and it’s intended usage. This alone makes a huge difference from the typical salon pushing that shitty… 2 for $18 Biolage shampoo on you ( yes, I called it shitty, in my hair it feels like you literally rubbed wax in it. So NO ON BIOLAGE!!!)

The best part about the J. Beverly Hills products is that you can use several products at once without feeling like you have a ton of residue in your hair. My hair feels like silk, and we used at least 5 different products. (I’m not kidding)
photo 11


something he learned in England (and I always remember my hair being cut this way back home) was to cut hair dry and not wet. He said he was once told: “wet hair is like a bad boyfriend, it will always lie to you.”
And he’s exactly right. How often do you see someone cut your hair wet, just to dry it then correct it a bit more? If you answered “often”, then tell me why you’re paying to have someone guess and check your hair?

However, before drying He put “PLATINUM: revive coconut oil” by J Beverly Hills in my hair. And then some “DETANGLE” also by J Beverly Hills.
These products help even out the hair strand by strand, restoring ph balance (the more basic (as in chemistry base) the more the hair expands (aka frizz), by neutralizing the PH we are making the hair more manageable). This also decreases the drying time by 30-50%.
He also added a product to my hair called “Crazy Straight” (no pun intended) into my hair.

****DRYING TIP! How many of you walk away the second we think you’re done drying your hair? Do your take the time to section it and properly dry it again? If you answered “NO,” that’s half the reason your styles aren’t working. The moisture travels up the hair to the top making it expand and frizz. If you half ass the drying, your hair will look half done. (Aka BASIC BITCH) And all that effort will be for nothing. Tip. If hair feels COLD it’s not dry. ****

Jason flew through my hair with ease. (He’s like the gay Edward scissor hands)
Another thing I noticed is he didn’t cut my hair in those typical “pull the hair and align along the fingers and cut straight line- technique.” He did more of a feather cut, he cut straight up into the ends of the hair instead of across them, which nonetheless still ended in perfectly blended sections. The lesson here? Especially with long hair like mine, blunt, straight cuts make the hair look jagged and unblended. That kind of cut doesn’t style well, and weighs heavily on the hair shaft. To finish, Jason did the last part of the trim with “beta blades”. They help take some of the excess weight out of the hair without making it look perforated.

And, as usual, Jason shared another styling tip with me. A little bit of Junicorn Magic for us to take and use ourselves:


Ever wonder how the Victoria Secret Models get that Va va voom, perfectly not-too-curled, yet voluminous bombshell look? IT’S CALLED SETTING!

You will need:
1 big barrel curling iron (heated)
1 pack alligator clips

Section hair into horseshoe and start with base layer. (Sections start from corner of eyebrows, make loop around top of skull, and separate sides and back.
Starting with the lower back sections. Take a section about the same thickness as your curling irons barrel. Grabbing from the middle of the hair, turn and pull until all the hair feeds into the curling iron. Rememer the temperature rule from before. When you feel heat under your thumb, remove the curl. DONT LET IT FALL!!! Hold it in your hand as if you’re cradling an egg, and quickly secure to the head.

1.Over directed: gives most lift, pinned just above the section

2.On base: exactly where section is

3.Off base: just below section

Needless to say the top section is usually “over directed.”

When moving up the head do not place the curls one on top of the other in a perfect line. Rather, stagger them each line 1 inch to the right or then the same again on the next row to the left, to create almost a brick layer pattern. Essentially there shouldn’t be holes in the hair.
Spray to finish. Leave in until RIGHT BEFORE U NEED TO BE SEEN.
photo 21

*TIP!!! To avoid crimping you can place a small piece of felt, or cardboard (from a smoke pack or something) in between the alligator clip and the hair.

So if you leave the clips in too long you could end up with crimps. All depends on your hair.


Place some dry shampoo at the crest of your head and the base. This will absorb any excess oil.

I did the magic tip, spray, and flip.
Jason always has us stand, sprays from spray into our hair, works it through. Then we flip back up.
And voila

photo 41

I then stepped over to the manicure area for an appointment with the lovely Lauren LaPerriere. She was so gentle and sweet. The girls and I used to always joke about how “going for nails was painful” but not with Lauren. Her silky hands move over yours, feeling the state of your cuticles and skin. You get a protein cuticle treatment, which is this lovely warm goo. It’s then wiped off and the excess cuticles are gently removed. She then shaped and buffed me up, and added the “Pantone colour of the year” on my nails. Radiant Orchid. What’s the coolest part about the manicure? You get to take the colour of nail polish that you used HOME! Free! How many times have you needed a touch up because (like me) you’re clumsy and hit your nails? This is such a life saving idea.

I left edges yesterday, my hair felt light, soft, and beautiful. My hands were silky and my nails were stellar. My whole experience was amazing. For anyone interested in joining I suggest you become an Edges VIP member. You get the heads up on all the specials plus a member discount.
Head to

To book with Jason, Shea, Lauren, or Edith (not mentioned in here today but has styled me several times!) call or go online to book today!!!

photo 31

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