Twisted Society

Why is it when a man goes on dates with different ladies he’s considered God’s gift to women, yet when a woman does she’s considered a slut? Why, when I’ve been on one date do people say “oh you’ve found a new man!?” No! I’ve found a new option. And if that option proves worthy then yes indeed I have found a new man. But until I’m good and sure he’s the one… How the hell can I figure that out from one or two meetings!? This is half the reason the divorce rate is so incredibly high, and why I personally have ended up heartbroken before.

I know some of you look down upon me for my life choices, but know that i care not for your derogatory stares. We all give ourselves, completely, to the wrong person far too easily these days, so forgive me if by remaining objective i am offending your fragile sensibilities. I am young. I am smart. I am pretty. And I will make sure I examine each suitor thoroughly before I make a choice on one…

But that being said… To the boys ….

MAKE AN EFFORT! Cause if you don’t, you’re gonna lose out on the chance. My last relationship I was nothing but the doting girlfriend, and one day I’ll be her again. So unless you make an effort to get to know me in between these chance encounters then that is all our meeting shall be, a chance encounter. How the hell else are we supposed to get to know one another through busy work schedules? Also, I know FULL WELL most of you see other women, so why am I chastised for testing my waters too? Because I’m open about it? My honesty offends you that much!!? At least I don’t ever say names! If it’s about you, only you will know that.

I will be damned if I put all my eggs in one basket again just to watch them all shatter at the same time as my poor heart. That very pain crippled me last time, I won’t do it again.

It is essential that I use trial and error to find the right man. If you don’t agree with being part of my life’s “bachelorette” series, well then. Go back to being a viewer instead of a contender. Plenty others are gladly waiting to fill your spot. So stop your whining, and either balls up, or piss off. I want a champion, not a chump.

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2 Responses to Twisted Society

  1. I think those labels are wrong too. It’s not good to settle for less than you deserve or desire.


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