Robbed at 7-11

This morning when I stopped at the nearest 7-11 for my usual large coffee with French vanilla cream, I came to a disheartening realization.

First of all, for the SECOND TIME in a week, on a week day, the 7-11 at 62st and 17 ave SE, EVERY URN OF COFFEE WAS EMPTY. Bone dry.
The last time I was there I watched in shock horror as the manager pretended to look important, scrolling through his phone, and the one clerk was ran off her feet. He did not lift a finger to help. What exactly he was “managing” is beyond me, but it certainly wasn’t this 7-11 location. And what happened this time really upset me.

I walked in at 8am almost on the dot. I saw one teller. I went to the coffee, and… No coffee. I set my keys and money down as I saw a group of construction workers come in and thought “someone should make coffee or those boys are going to be late for work,” so, like any good woman, or a person with half a brain and a functioning heart, I made a fresh urn of coffee and showed everyone it was ok to go ahead and pour straight while it’s brewing.
When I turned to retrieve my keys, my $20 had gone missing. The construction boys helped me look, but we all knew someone had taken it.
So, in the 10mins I wasted in this store, I not only volunteered to do work that was unsatisfactorily carried out by petulant staff, but I forfeit my money due to the fact that I had to distract myself away from the normal routine of things, to make coffee, because someone was too incompetent to keep at least one out of 6 coffee urns full…

And moreover, I am the first person to give to the poor. If you’re in need, just ask. But don’t steal my money and run away like a coward. Especially when I’m trying to do a good service to others. What world is this where I am to be suspicious and judgemental of all people? How can we function like this?
….This is forest lawn, not Nottingham forest, and Robin Hood didn’t steal from the poor to get himself high/drunk/whatever.

If I was at my local co op, they would’ve given me a coffee for free for helping, and no one would’ve even thought to take my money. Things are so well ran there no one would dare step out of line. However, when you run a piss-poor organized store, people will take advantage of it, of your sloth, your disregard for standards and human’s general concern. Whoever managers this store should be fired and banned from working in customer service.

Thank you 7-11 for ruining my day.

Miss.C.” $20 down the drain to do your job for you. ” Scoffield.


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6 Responses to Robbed at 7-11

  1. Dave Dubu says:

    Aww…. Well Ms Care-ohhh-Lynne, you’re going to get it back and then some. Karma is a bitch to those who are bad, but is good to those who deserve. I think you might be one of the good ones!! Head up!



  2. Charles Huss says:

    I knew the pay at 7-11 was bad but -$20 for ten minutes work is way below minimum wage.


  3. Eugene says:

    Tweet this story to 711 Corporate and see what happens… Maybe get the attention of the right person to deal with this stores obvious shortfalls


  4. Scott says:

    Here’s a suggestion: Don’t go to 7-11. Go to Co-op. First world white woman problem solved!


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