So celebrity death bothers you?

You find the excessive posts on social medias about whoever recently passed away to be annoying and vapid.

Have you ever thought…

Most of these people who are known to society, are known because their actions lead us to be inspired by them. I learn more and more from being in the position I am in as a writer/model, people admire what others are achieving. People who I don’t know connect with me like we know each other from this blog alone! We feel a connection with some of these personalities. We think, perhaps, if things were different, maybe we could live like them. Overcome our demons. We all have them. By our public actions others feel the need to follow, to become inspired. And for that, I feel no shame in sharing my sadness at the recent news of a huge loss to the acting community. I have watched Robin Williams since Mork and Mindy. And I loved his character then, and I loved every one after that. He allowed us into his life, to view his struggles. He was an example for all of us whether or not he was imperfect is not for anyone to pass judgement, we are all human. And sometimes darkness is so encompassing is absolutely drowns is in shadow.
I suffer from mental illness. I tear up every time I hear of a suicide. I lost my aunt, my cousin, and ex boyfriend to suicide.
So those of you who are so petty as to be upset over seeing the outpouring of emotion for the loss of loved public figure, riddle me this, why does it offend you so that others are so empathetic?
It’s not just celebrities too my dears. Local suicides on the news make me feel the same, these people once gave light to the world and it’s proven they are typically the most talented as well… it saddens me that people so gifted are so often the ones who fall victim to mental illness, and eventually succumb to the pain.
So, I ask those of you, please keep your rude comments to yourself. People lost a great inspiration today, a brilliant man, who was so inconsolable he took his own life. If you can’t give credit where it’s due then at least respect those who feel the world lost something, someone, great today.
Nanu nanu Robin

May there be no pain where you lay xoxo


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