Calgary Crime

Once again I am victim to Calgary’s growing crime rate. This time much more impactful than the last.

I awoke this morning to my neighbour calling through my window, “hello! Are you home!? Someone smashed in your window last night there’s glass everywhere.” My anxiety began to fly through the roof.

I came outside and low and behold there’s my car. Drivers window smashed in. My gym bag of makeup (approx value $300) was gone. White GUESS Wallet full of ID and bank cards gone. Cash hiding in the centre console gone. Some shoes and clothes from my last photo shoot as well. (Total approx value $1000)

In the 12 yrs I have been driving I have never experienced auto theft until now. I feel violated. Someone broke into my property and went through my things. Someone has my personal belongings and is either selling them, using them. And worse, that person/people had no regard for the person he/she/they were hurting. Do I look like I’m made of money? Do you think main thing being pretty is cheap? It’s the most expensive industry in the world!

Today I am shattered. My trust in humanity is gone. I doubt I’ll sleep tonight I’ll be too busy trying to see if they’re coming back for more. I hate being scared. I hate being frightened. Damn you for ruining this for me. Damn you.


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1 Response to Calgary Crime

  1. Charles Huss says:

    I’m sorry that happened to you. I had my car broken into a few years ago and my car stereo was ripped out of the dash. The police came and took fingerprints of the driver side door but not anywhere inside the car where there would be way more fingerprints. I later found the thief’s watch which I thought would surely have fingerprints on it. I called the station and they sounded very happy to have that evidence and would send an officer over but nobody came. I called again and they again told me someone would come but didn’t. They obviously didn’t think it was important enough to waste time on.

    On another occasion my ex girlfriend broke into my house, went through my computer and stole some of my items, probably hoping I would go there to retrieve them. I called the police, they went to her house but she wasn’t home so that was the end of that.


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