You can’t catch pneumonia. It isn’t contagious.
However, certain viruses, bacteria and mold- induced colds can turn into pneumonia if they are not treated properly. When one’s immunity plummets low enough, and the bronchioles of the lung or lungs become engulfed in fluid, only then does one have pneumonia. One of the key signs is bluing of the finger tips or tongue.

I woke up last Wednesday, after being sick for 5days, couldn’t pull in half a breath, looked in the mirror my tongue was turning blue, drove myself to the hospital, was admitted immediately, given a bag of antibiotics and sent for a chest x ray. (The x ray will show a fog like shape within the lungs indicating high levels of fluid in the lungs.) On my chest x ray, there was only 1/3 of my left lung not covered in fog.

The symptoms from this are much more intense than the normal cold. One can hardly breathe, wheezing is apparent when both inhaling and exhaling, dizziness and loss of concentration are a constant. Also fever, chills, and extreme exhaustion.

Should you have these symptoms you NEED ANTIBIOTICS OR MEDICAL ATTENTION. And trust me, it’s not something you can get over in 2days. Take time off. And if you are over it in 2 days, you don’t have pneumonia, just a cold.

If you do have it! Here’s some tips!!!

1. STOP SMOKING- I know. It sucks. Trust me it’ll be like you’re dying with every inhale so if ever there was a time to quit, here ya go!
2. HEAT!!! Bundle yourself close the windows and sweat your little butt off! Sweat will help pull some of the yuck out of your lymph nodes.
3. HEAT ON YOUR NECK: the lymph nodes in your neck become so swollen it’s hard to even open your trachea (throat) so by applying heat, again, helps pull some of the fluid from the glands and relaxes the neck area.
4. FLUIDS: water water water did I say water?
5. BED: just go to sleep. Turn off your phone. And sleep.

There you have it my lovelies! Whether you have just a cold or full blown pneumonia I hope you get better soon!

Oh! And witch doctor tip!! Some might argue this but I thought it helped tremendously … Have half a glass of colloidal silver water… It tastes like crap but the next morning I admittedly felt a bit better!


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2 Responses to PNUEMONIA vs COLD

  1. Good tips. I have had pneumonia a number of times and your advice is dead on. The quit smoking is mandatory since the lungs have been compromised. Hope you fell better fast,


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