Biased Competition

Local radio station CJAY 92 has truly upset myself and a few local models. After a gruelling 2 week battle to hit the sweet 16 for the “CJAY ROCK GIRLS” calendar contest, myself and two other models , who were rated, by YOUR votes, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, have been completely dismissed without a word.
So all those votes, all those hours and emails and messages, over 2600 votes, WERE FOR NOTHING!

Oh and the owner of house of cars WIFE is in the top 16? Pretty sure you can’t be in the contest if your husband is the sponsor…

Well thank you CJAY 92 for teaching me this valuable lesson. That voting is pointless and you are just as corrupt as the governments that control us. I boycott your radio station from now on and I’m sure most of my fans will as well. Shame on you. Contests are supposed to be fair, you’re nothing but a pack of liars.








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6 Responses to Biased Competition

  1. Wow, that’s wrong. I’m sorry that happened.


  2. sashelle says:

    i agree! I was #10 the last time I checked and didn’t make top 16 either I was crushed I spent hours everyday posting and sening requests etc… fucking bogus!!! the votes didn’t even matter in the end..all that time wasted!


  3. Jake says:

    All they did was completely ignore some very beautiful girls who have great potential to be models or possibly already are. Yes they did take some girls that were lower ranked that I thought should have been in the top 16 anyway but ignoring the top 3? I’m pretty sure one of those 3 girls was a dancer/dance teacher too, she seemed to fit the physical and personality discription quite well to me. I’m not mad that my wife didn’t make it, I don’t need their approval to know she is gorgeous 🙂 whole thing was bogus amyway.


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