4 Girls and a Gay

As some of you may already know, my darling stylist has moved locations. Formerly of Edges Salon…

Photo 2014-09-24, 6 23 24 PM

he has uprooted and is residing now in a cute loft studio downtown on 17ave and 9 St SW. Jason Mellor can now be found at Jami Symons Salon (https://www.facebook.com/jamisymonssalon ) in the downtown Calgary core. It’s nestled between the Hemporium and a flower shop (door 924). I walked upstairs and was greeted by the owner who wore a giant smile. He cheerily said, “hello” followed by “would you like to watch some runway! How about haute couture Paris Fashion Week?” How could I say no!?
FYI: Jami is listed as #30 out of the top 100 hair stylists in the world! (This man is practically a god among stylists)

I sat there and watched that as I waited for Jason to finish up. Turns out he had a couple walk ins before me, so knowing how accommodating I am, he accommodated them and I had no problem siting in the shampoo chair with a deep conditioning treatment on my hair. Across from me I met local actress and model Stephani Van Ryswyk, who had recently encountered a hair nightmare. As Stephani is primarily booked as an actress, she is asked frequently to dye her hair. Her last role required her hair (typically my colour naturally) be dyed red. When she was done filming, she went to Chatters salon to have it dyed to an “ash” colour. It came out orange… (See below)

Photo 2014-09-25, 4 45 52 PM

Naturally, her first reaction was to call in the best to help her fix this problem. Who’s the best? Why Jason Mellor of course. The other two girls that were walk ins also had a similar “butchering” experience from a local salon that shall remain unnamed at this time. So my darling gay was juggling 4 fems all at once, DAMN HES GOOD.
here’s her Farrah Fawcet style hair:

Photo 2014-09-25, 4 45 53 PM

Here’s the first two girls styles:

Photo 2014-09-25, 1 35 52 PM

And finally we finished with me! In my hair Jason used four products:

Photo 2014-09-24, 7 38 05 PM

And I got to take one home! Yay presents!!!! I’m so spoiled by these lovely people!!!! (Thanks Jason!!!)

Photo 2014-09-24, 7 17 42 PM

Jason’s handsome date for the night (if he wasn’t gay id be on that like white on rice) asked if I had a big event to go to (as I was rocking a cute lil white number by Dianne Gibson (Gibson Girl designer) and I laughed and replied “no, I’m going grocery shopping and going home to watch the new south park?”

(My life is soooo glamorous… #geekforlife)

However, when I strutted down 17ave with my new printer in a box on my shoulder, my cute lil white gift bag on my wrist and perfectly matching white dress and shoes, with my long beach curled soft locks bouncing everywhere, I almost caused two accidents and was beeped at and whistled at numerous times. I felt like a goddess.

When I went home I was so exhausted (after cleaning, shopping, driving everywhere) I literally forgot to put makeup on and take a pic.

This morning, while lying half naked on the physician table for a physical, (this is normally one of the most awkward moments for a girl). I’m sure the doctor looked dumbfounded when he walked in to see my stroking my hair like I was a kitten and looking ever so content!!
My hair is sooo silky, so smooth, you can feel the moisture right from the root to the tip. It’s amazing. Also, you can hardly tell my hair has been trimmed. Jason simply followed his outline from last time and took off what was necessary. He did NOT butcher me or “take an exact measurement off” he took off what was dead. Before the last time Jason cut my hair it seemed to have plateaued as far as length goes. Since then it’s grown 2inches, and continues to grow. It’s healthy, soft, and luscious.

Finally, tonight when I went out for dinner, I selfied it for Jason (as if I just made selfie a verb? Let’s just pretend I’m smarter than that…)

So there you have it, 4 women at once all made to feel fabulous by one mans magical hands and amazing talent. Ladies, gents, if you haven’t already, book with this man. He’s hands down the best.

Photo 2014-09-25, 8 50 14 PM


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