Milk Dresses

Myyyyy Milk Dress brings all the boys to the yard! And they’re like it’s better than yours! Damn right! It’s better than yours! You can have one, but I’d have to charge 🙂

The first milk dress was conceptualized and shot by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz in 2011 using white milk, a black backdrop, and assistants throwing milk at the poor, naked model (I say poor as I can sympathize with her! Lol) the milk is quite cold and the model has to hold the exact same pose for every single frame. When the milk hits the body the frame is shot at high speed, to create the sleek areas it is poured from above instead of splashed, and shot at the exact moment to get the dress effect.
SPLASH In the end the photographer takes the usable images and layers them carefully, one atop the other, and in turn he creates a masterpiece. A dress that can only be created once but seen for a lifetime.
The best part was trying to explain what a milk dress was to my mum on the phone:
mum: “Hi what you doing?”
me: ” in hair and makeup for a milk dress shoot.”
mum: ” milk dress? like milk from a cow?”
me” yes mum, moo, milk, google milk dresses and ill call you when I’m done.”

We shot 3 models that day, myself, Ashley, and Stephanie. To view their shots head on over to troys page.

Considering Tara’s my best friend, to the other models she constantly apologized for throwing milk at them… When it was my turn, however, she grew a hilarious grin and had probably too much fun tossing milk at me! We had a great laugh.

So how can you have your own milk dress?

Typically these shoots cost $400-$500. Tara will do your hair and makeup (and throw milk at you), Troy will prep the room, and you can have your own for the steal of a price of $225. No two milk dresses are the same.
You can book Troy and Tara, the people responsible for this (Tara you’ve all heard about several times, shes my personal stylist and also the assistant on this shoot) and Troy I have worked with several times in the past, most recently the fairy photo you all loved so much. See the links below the photo







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