To Dr. Matt Taylor and Emma Watson
Feminists, you went too far.
Calling out an amazingly talented, brilliant man for simply wearing a shirt in public? Because it has pictures of women on it!? You’re being part of a double standard. If you want us, as women, to feel empowered, are you saying those of us who model for a living are not strong women? That we do not understand the value of being a woman and are “exploiting it?” Because “sex sells?” NEWSFLASH! HOW DO YOU THINK YOU ENDED UP ON EARTH? IMMACULATE CONCEPTION? DOES SEX OFFEND YOU SO MUCH!? You do realize that it is because of an increase of female hormones such as estrogen that gives us models our beautiful features, therefore making us chemically more woman than others. (Just saying, it’s genetics ladies, and don’t start flapping on about plastic surgery, a girl still needs to be photogenic to be a model, fake boobs have nothing to do with that) (example, Pamela Anderson, beautiful before and after surgery)

So, why do I think the Dr.Taylor’s situation affects me? I pose for everything from print work to being put on t shirts. I very well could’ve been one of the images depicted on his shirt. Do I find it offensive? No, BECAUSE ITS SOMEONES FORM OF ART! Ladies, please, stop hating!!! You literally can’t stop can you?

Now, on top of this recent outrage, allow me to explain why I don’t support feminism yet:

When I watched Emma Watson’s powerful UN speech a few weeks ago, I was moved. She touches on some very crucial points. I left the house feeling empowered.
Then, as I walked past some completely random older woman and her daughter, one of them whispered “slut” at me. I’ve never met them, and wasn’t dressed as a slut, I was wearing lulu lemon capris and a white t shirt.
Later, I went to sobeys and watched the girl at the check out smile and coo with the man in front of me, but took one look at me, did not say hi, didn’t ask for a sobeys number. Just rudely said,”do you want a bag?”
How am I, as a woman, supposed to promote equality among women, when a good portion of my same sex are threatened by me for looking the way I do? They chastise my very existence, and my fellow models simply because our genetics made our appearance favourable by the general public.
Or worse, the most hateful comments including “you’re asking to be raped” have come from women on my modelling page. How on earth can the sight of my body, or anyone’s body, be an invitation to rape?
I’m sorry Emma, I loved your speech. But the world isn’t ready yet. And what’s worse, you’ve given the feminist extremists the fuel to start fires that shouldn’t even be bothered with. How much media and airtime was wasted on the Dr Taylor issue? How many of us are aware of how many women are going missing? Dragged into slave trade? Raped and killed and left in the wilderness perhaps never to be found.
You so called “feminists” are barking up the wrong tree,bitches, pick your battles. If you fight some righteous ones I got your back. Until then, Dr. Taylor, I liked your shirt. Emma, you might want to wait til your 30 and see how corrupt the world really can be before you advocate for such rights. In this case Emma. I’m she for he.


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  1. Well said about the shirt. I thought the whole thing went too far.

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