Hair Flare Meets Fashion Passion

I was privileged to be a model for the annual Locks and Frocks 6 Event here in Calgary, a charity fundraiser with support going to the YWCA. Local salons and boutiques team up together and take over the runway to exhibit different avant garde looks.
The themes this year were:
Rock n Roll

I was picked by the team for Jami Symons Salon, but more specifically myself and all of Jason Mellor’s favourite models were part of my darling Jason’s team. He chose us for Rock and Roll. We all got pompadour styled hair with a drastic smokey eye and bright powerful lip colour. Our makeup was done by the talented Emilia Kuczma Porębska and the other two sides were styled by Jami and makeup done by the amazing Debra Kelly

Our clothing and accessories were provided by local boutique Apt 22. Located in the SW, 15mins from Downtown, this hidden gem is definitely worth the drive. Boasting the latest in denim technology (yes ladies, the ones that tighten your thighs and hold your ass up like you’re 18 all over again.) they also have top name designs and pick some of the best prints. I’d say the market for this shop is age 25-65. Depending on how trendy you like to appear. Personally, myself, my mother, and my nana would all easily shop here, so I suggest giving it a look. When I went for my fitting the ladies were so helpful, choosing items that flattered my figure and suited my age. I ended up choosing the shape lifting pants, a sequin Audrey Hepburn tank, and a fluffy jacket, paired with belt and choker.
When it was time for runway at Hotel Aloft we were all nervous, for the second time this year my model friend grace and I had to walk over water. And this time we had to step over a gap with no runway. It’s not a big gap but big enough for a little model to fall into the pool. So every model was a bit nervous for this one.
We came out one by one for rock and roll first. I was excited to know my good friend Natalia of 360 Makeover was in the crowd. She snapped an amazing picture of me (and be sure to stay tuned as her and i will be working together more in future.)
When I finished my walk the girls and I celebrated back stage and then I went to get changed. It was such an honour to be part of a great event, meet such wonderful people and contribute to an amazing cause.

For more info on booking at Jami Symons for hair:
Address: 300-924 17ave SW Calgary
Phone: 403-290-1999

To Shop at Apt 22:
Address: 3110 8561-8a Ave SW Calgary
Instagram/Twitter: @apt22
Phone: 403-452-5911

Photos by:

Makeup by:




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  1. debra says:

    thanks gurl for the mentionxx


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