Skinny Shaming

Today I received a blatant attack on both my mental and physical health.
I was told, by a fellow blogger (not of WordPress, thank goodness) that I am “suffering from anorexia,” and that I should read her blog for tips on how to overcome this!!
I replied, calmly stating that I actually eat 3 times a day, thank you for the concern but I am not anorexic.




She continued to berate me by attacking the name I had given myself and fellow models, (BELLA DONNA) and also saying she has seen “run way (that’s not how you spell runway) models with more beef on them.”
Is this not just as bad as someone privately messaging someone overweight and saying, “clearly, you have an eating problem. You look so fat. Please check my blog for ways to over come it as you’re near deaths door.” How incredibly rude is that? And on top of that, not just saying I’m thin but projecting and insisting I have an eating disorder? One of my extremely good childhood friends ACTUALLY suffers from anorexia and it is no joke nor something to be passed around as a label! People who suffer from that illness battle demons I, myself am not familiar with nor would I ever assume to become familiar with them for sake of ratings.

Models work hard for their bodies and don’t achieve them by sitting at home trolling people’s Internet pages.

This woman needs to be stopped. She claims that she boasts enlightenment and has even been reincarnated. If this is true then I wish she had been reincarnated with some common sense. I’m shocked and appalled someone who calls herself a “healer,” would conduct herself in such a way, and especially as a fellow canadian. I implore whatever bullying or web harassment services out there to contact this woman and explain her methods of promoting her business are unethical, immoral, and illegal.

And lastly, to stop the stigma. I am 29, 5’9, 135-140lbs. My measurements are 36-28-34, with a 33.5 inseam. Dress size 6-8, shirt M. I am NOT anorexic. I do not promote eating disorders among the fashion community and am sickened at what this woman has not only said to me but what she may have said to others in order to gain site traffic.
I suggest whatever authorities are out there use these avenues to contact her to inform her of her misconduct:

And lastly to lighten the mood. Here’s some shots of me stuffing my face. The one on the right, I was so hungry at a shoot I ran to my car to eat the sandwich off the floor. The photographer followed me and snapped a pic just as I looked up!


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2 Responses to Skinny Shaming

  1. Justin Marroquin says:

    What a psycho. Attacking people online is not the way to gain subscribers to your blog.


  2. Goddess says:

    the person suffers from mental health issues, the person who wrote you that. Do not take it personally.

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