Lovely Lashes

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

3D fibre lashes from younique!


Actually, my best girl Jessica sent me them in the mail! But close enough!

Have you had a chance to try this amazing mascara?
I haven’t admitted this publicly yet, but since I had eyelash extensions… My eyelashes are ruined. They sort of grew back in fullness but not in length. I constantly have to wear lash inserts with harmful glue on my eyes simply to obtain a normal looking eyelash line.
Until now….

Jess sent me the 3D fibre lash in the mail and I don’t think I’ll go back to another form of mascara again.
The company suggest using it on top of already existing mascara, both Jess and I advise against this. We both feel it looks more even when put on fresh, clean lashes. It’s also good to use an eyelash comb and brush off excess gel before applying to lashes.
***tip! Warm up the fibres before applying to lashes 🙂 seems to work well!
To order your younique fibre gel mascara and other amazing makeup contact Jessica at:
jess’s younique

Or directly email her at:

Eye on the left, fibre mascara, eye on the right, normal mascara (don’t judge my lack of eyelashes, but notice the difference with younique! Plus I kinda suck at putting makeup on that’s why i have makeup artists 😉 so I’m sure you’ll all do a much better job than me.


For example: here’s Jess’s eyelashes


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