Lone Wolf

Wolves are one of the few mammals that are monogamous even after their mate dies.
No matter what relationship I’m in, I never feel like we’re a team. I always feel like it just me and him, not we, or us, even though I attempt to use those terms freely to assume the couple position.

Perhaps it’s that I’m not just a model, I’m also personality, a very open one, and it seems to cause problems for men and their perfect stepford wife image. I look the part of Charlotte (from Sex and the city) but am actually a little bit of all the characters rolled into one: writer, lawyer, girl next door, and the PR nymphomaniac. I’m a one woman circus.
I’ve literally been told “you’re too much for one man.” So what does that mean? I need to date two men? Suddenly polygamy is acceptable if you’re eccentric and talented?

I truly think it’s ok to be alone for a while. To hunt and gather all by yourself. It gives you a sense of independence that no amount of money can buy.

I maintain that there is someone out there who will love me for me. One day our paths will cross, I hope.

Until then, I am the lone wolf, destined to walk this earth in solitude.


Photo compliments of RANDY PORTER

Makeup and hair Tara Carter http://www.facebook.com/fancyfantasy

Cape, corset, skirt: Dianne Gibson

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