Why I don’t support gender identifying under the age of 16.

Before you lose it on me for being closed minded please hear me out.

In response to:

Growing up I thought I was a boy. I stood up to pee like a boy. I did not play like a girl, i rough housed with the boys. I was certain I was going to become a boy. I played on an all boys football (soccer) team in England. Imagine my shock when my breasts began to develop before the age of 9. I taped them back for almost 2 years. Anyone who knew me as a child can vouch that I was possibly the biggest tomboy alive.

Fast forward 19yrs…

My hormones took their role, I became more feminine, and over the years I realized I truly was meant to be a female. Had things not changed into my late teens I could completely understand looking into gender reassignment. I have several transgender friends, I’m not saying it’s wrong. If your mind and body aren’t in the same place when you’re an adult and your hormones have done their part then by all means! Switch the game!
But please stop giving CHILDREN so much control over their lives. I see parents at restaurants ask 5 year olds what they want to eat… They could literally reply “I want to eat my shoe.” STOP GIVING THEM SO MUCH CHOICE! They’re children! Tell them “chicken fingers, pizza, or Mac n cheese” cause that’s all that’s on the menu anyway? No wonder we ended up with a society of delusional kids from the 2000’s, what the hell are you doing to these kids? When I was 10 I thought rolling down the moors in England was a good idea, but no one tells you at the bottom you get so dizzy you throw up. I also thought it was perfectly fine to walk around dressed like a ninja turtle for 3weeks straight…
Children are not developed enough to make gender reassignment decisions, most can’t even choose clothes for school.
Please stop being so PC and just say shes a “tomboy” don’t allow her to change her identity so young or she won’t know who she’s changing from.

I am a woman. I’m a model. I love my body. I’m proud of who I am and proud to be a woman. Had my parents indulged my younger male tendencies I would be ten times more fucked up than I am today, and we already know I’m crazy. So please, spare the children, for they know not what they do.

I’m sorry Angelina, I love you I really really do. (Like truly you’re my favourite actress hands down) I just think you guys should just let her be! When she’s past the teen years and still wants to be a boy hell I’ll be right there cheering him on.

End rant.


Photo credit http://www.facebook.com/randyporterphotography

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