Stay Safe

We’ve all heard of stories like the Black Dahlia, where a young, ambitious actress/model takes a role that she thinks is going to be her big break.
She doesn’t ask anyone who these people are, just gets hung up on words like “talent,” “model,” “agent,” and gets blindsided by dreams of names in flashing lights before she begins to wake up and ask the real questions about the casting. Hundreds of women (especially aboriginal women) and men have gone missing in canada AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY! NO ONE KNOWS WHERE THEY ARE! And why? Because no one has caught these people red handed. We’re told by police that unless we have irrefutable proof that a crime was committed, these people walk free. The predators hope that we will rely on the weak Justice system which then gives them more time to plot and scheme.

A sex offenders main objective is to obtain control. Do not put yourself in a situation where you have no control.

If you don’t start asking questions in the beginning I promise you, they will. They’ll ask things Such as, “what are you willing to do on camera?”
Many times you are being recorded for your response either on FB, on unknown video, Twitter, etc. the second you say, “I would do _____” you’ve just given some random person either oral or written consent that is irrevocable in the eyes of the law when past the age of consent. Unless these people get caught red handed or with a minor they will continue to evolve and become a much more smart and efficient hunter, they may even become more confident and progress from the passive approach (behind the computer) to the aggressive approach (taking you down in person)

What can you do to stay safe:

1. Start asking questions

Some examples of questions you are well within your rights to ask on ANY professional project:

Who are you (what company are you affiliated with) ?
What is the project?
Where is it being held?
May I have some of your references please?
May I ask how you found my contact information?


ask anyone who you know if they know these people. And bite your pride. They’re not stealing your new job, they’re here to help ensure your safety and well being. Trust your network. If no one can vouch for them, do not work with them.

3. Check their profile for red flags

Model at model
Self employed
Talent recruitment

Are all titles these people seem to frequent.

3. Google search and social media, and tineye reverse image

Search everywhere, often times these people are sloppy and will slip up somewhere and you’ll see it if you look close enough. allows you to search people’s photos and see if they’re legit.

4. If you think you are in immediate danger please call the police

And lastly, speak up!!!! I understand better than anyone how embarrassing it is to think you got your big break only to be fooled by some fucking pervert. Please ladies, men, anyone with dreams of fame, keep your head on and your eyes open, it’s a scary world out there, please don’t become a statistic, stay safe my loves xoxo

For the reason why I posted this?
Click here why models need to stay safe


Photo credit Nick Kunn

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2 Responses to Stay Safe

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Important topic, Carolynne. I’ve had students get starry-eyed over what seem like exciting and glamorous possibilities. At the very least, there’s money at stake. And, as you note, it could be much, much worse.

    Liked by 1 person

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